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Celebrity Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy Weight

Recent photos of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in a bikini and the criticism of actress Jessica Simpson’s ballooning pregnancy weight show us celebrities are under a huge amount of pressure. They are expected to stay healthy and fit, even when pregnant.

Weight gain during pregnancy is a desired and expected outcome. A steady gain of 1.5-2kg (3-4lb) per month through a controlled calorie intake is to be celebrated not feared. It is the growing of your body and baby. By maintaining your pregnancy weight gain within the healthy range you are ensuring the kilos will be easier to shift after the birth.

Unlike celebrities, most women do not have a personal chef, prenatal trainer and personal assistant to manage their weight gain or postnatal weight loss. However there are plenty of celebrity tips for maintaining a healthy body and losing weight after the birth. We’ve listed down a few tips which won’t cost you a thing and will keep you looking like a star.

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The Number One Foods You Have To Buy Organic From Now On

Now, if we all happened to live in some sort of perfect world then I could tell you right now that we would all be shopping for delicious, fresh food down at the farmer’s market, eating healthy organic chickens that were grown locally, working with friends and family to buy whole entire cows for really fresh organic meat, and going down to local forests and jungles to actually find really fresh organic mushrooms to eat.

But while the ideal situation sounds great and will certainly make you a lot more healthier, the truth is that most people just aren’t able to live like this… simply because it isn’t that practical. Perhaps even if it was I really doubt most people would want to struggle so much.

Believe me, I really find it hard that anyone out there would prefer to spend the whole weekend hunting for food, when they can pop into any convenience store and get whatever they want and need in just 10 minutes flat.

Now, while most of us may not be prepared to actually get out there and hunt for food, I am pretty sure that almost all of us still want to be as healthy as we possibly can… ideally without scarifying any of the comforts that we have gotten used to. The best option for most of us would be to buy the few most important foods that should be organic and don’t cost a lot either.

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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Review

Winter is here and with it an undeniable urge to keep warm by drinking scrumptiously yummy but almost always too rich in calories hot drinks. Even my ever-so-careful-with-his-diet hubby succumbed to the temptation this past weekend and drank unashamedly half a gallon of warm chocolate milk. So as you can imagine, the Swiss Miss, conjuring in its name dear memories of Alpine holidays, with its more down-to-earth promise of a deliciously low in calories drink, seemed all of a sudden a very good idea!

For whom has Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa been produced?

The producer reassures the consumer that it has been especially designed for every hot chocolate connoisseur with a diet conscience. Swiss Miss promises to be rich in taste and flavour (hence the European hint in the name), high in calcium (one sachet contains as much as one glass of milk) but very low in fat and sugar, with only 25 calories per serving.

The product seems to have been designed for people on the go who prefer reaching out for a sachet from their bag and the fat-free milk jug in the office, female students and young professionals most likely. It also entices the lifelong dieters who are adamant about the calorie intake and religiously count every gram of fat and sugar they take.

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Does Wine Make You Fat? The Fantastic Secret of Wine Diet

Wine is good for health (it’s full of antioxidants), doesn’t make you gain weight (it’s low in calories) and, moreover, puts you in a good mood (if you don’t drink too much!).

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Healthy Ideas for Frozen Desserts

Frozen desserts – sweet, cold, delicious treats – who can resist them?! Though your options may be many, how do you choose the right kind to serve your family? Homemade or store bought? Ice-cream or frozen yoghurt? Sorbet or frozen custard? We look at what is healthy for you and your family and what is not; we also look at other aspects such as convenience.

Buying frozen desserts

Ice creams are delicious and their hundreds of different varieties are highly enticing. But we also know that they are not the best for health – and for those of us trying to lose weight they are an absolute no-no. So do we need to give up on frozen treats? Luckily the answer is no – there are many healthy alternatives to ice-cream. People are more health conscious now and prefer not to eat ice-cream for its high caloric content and also because many contain harmful ingredients such as transfats etc.

Fruit sorbet is a good option for those who are health or calorie conscious. Sorbets can be delicious, refreshing and can be healthier than ice creams or soft serves because they are fruit and water based rather than cream and milk based. However, it would help to avoid the ones with added artificial coloring of any kind. Many peoples' throats today, especially children's, react badly to artificial coloring. 

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Soda Isn't the Problem, A Lack of Self Discipline Is

When New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a ban on large sugary drinks earlier this year it caused a minor local uproar, that soon became a media frenzy, which eventually escalated into a global conversation. Aside from the hefty legal dilemma (is it a violation of constitutional rights for any government entity to tell us what we can and can’t consume?), the health question is a no brainer.

How Unhealthy is it?

Without exception, soda is always a bad choice. Sorry caffeine lovers, there’s no way around the facts. A widely cited study, lead by the Harvard School of Public Health and published in The New England Journal of Medicine has linked heavy soda consumption to increased rates of obesity. If it seems like the world is soda obsessed it may be because consumption has more than doubled since 1977 and shows no signs of slowing down. 

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Coconut Water: The New Sports Drink?

Coconut water may not sound like the manliest type of fitness beverage, but it is producing very “manly” results. It’s hard to ignore the newfound prevalence of coconut water in the fitness industry. Even the most casual observer can see that it’s cropping up everywhere from Green Food Co-Ops to your gas station reach-in fridge.

Many people have a bad taste in their mouths (literally and figuratively) about the current state of “sports” drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. They have been found time and again to just be glorified sugar water and can potentially set back your fitness goals, rather than help you achieve them. Coconut water is a solid replacement for sugary sports drinks that will help you keep going on the field and help you keep your waistline in check.

Coconut Water to Be?

What is good about coconut water?

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5 Pizza Toppings for the Health Conscious Consumers

Delicious toppings and gooey, cheesy goodness make pizza one of my favorite foods of all time. With all the possible toppings that a pizza can have, it's definitely not a boring food. But when I'm dieting, I try to avoid eating pizzas because of the carbohydrate content.

Sometimes, however, I succumb to this yummy temptation, and my efforts to lose weight go down the drain. Still, because I love pizza and I need to diet, I figured that I had to come up with a food plan.

Maybe there are healthier pizzas out there? What about toppings? Maybe, by opting for more nutritious toppings, I could more or less stick to my diet regime. Luckily, deciding on pizza toppings is not an exact science. Rather, it's an exciting adventure wherein you can truly explore your preferences.

In my quest to discover healthier pizzas, I found out a few things about toppings. Let's see what food items are actually good to have on top of a pizza.

Vegetable Pizza w/ Whole Wheat Crust

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The Truth About Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

For the past 60 years, everyone has been told by the government and the mainstream media that to avoid heart disease one should eat a low fat diet that is high in carbohydrates and very low in fat & cholesterol. This huge nutrition myth has made us weaker, shorter and fatter.

Today I’m here to tell you why saturated fat & cholesterol is not only good for you, but why they are absolutely essential when it comes to eating a healthy diet and living a healthy life. I will also explain how bodybuilders can benefit greatly from ingesting more saturated fat.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the different types of fats.

  • Saturated fats: Found in animal products such as meat, eggs, cheese and butter. Solid at room temperature and is fully saturated with hydrogen atoms.

         (photo source:

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The Connection between Cows and Omega-3 Oil

The Oemega Moo Connection

So-called health nutritionists trying to prove that beef is one of the causes of heart diseases and getting people to eat fish instead because of the benefits of Omega-3 must have gotten a rude shock when new medical research has proven that the highly touted fish oil has no connection whatsoever with benefits for the heart.

According to a new study conducted and released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there is no correlation or connection between taking fish oils rich in Omega-3 - whether taken with fish meat or in pills - and the prevention of heart attack, stroke, myocardial infarction, and other heart disease.

Of course, the connection between heart diseases and beef is just complete hogwash, especially if the beef comes from grass-fed cows.

It has been some time since beef - particularly juicy steaks - have come under attack by weight watchers and environmentalists. The attacks come from misconceptions that eating beef is connected to obesity and heart diseases while raising grass-fed cows will damage the environment because the cows will eat so much grass and not give grass enough time to grow back, stripping many pasture lands of greenery.

Let us start by answering all the above in a collective manner.

Based on actual agricultural medicine and medical association studies, grass-fed beef compared to grain-fed beef has a dramatic difference:

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