Nutribase EZ Edition Diet And Exercise Software Review

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Are you looking for something to jazz up your fitness program? Something that would help you compete with the best in business without burning a hole in your pocket? The NutriBase EZ Edition Diet and Exercise Software weighs a mere ounce, but it packs a mean punch. Priced at $49.99, it gives you a leg up on the competition.

How Does The Nutribase EZ Edition Diet And Exercise Software Work?

The NutriBase EZ Edition software determines your ideal calorie intake, tracks and analyzes your food intake and exercise, and provides easy-to-understand graphs and reports. It has a database with nutritional information, including over 4000 restaurant menu items.

According to experts, the calorie and nutrient requirements of the body change over a period of time. If the body fat percentage increases, you will need to cut back on calories, as the body already has more than it needs. However, you will need to increase your intake of calories if you have lost weight due to illness. This is important because calorie deficiency may cause you to feel exhausted.

The Nutrition EZ edition diet and exercise software tracks your activity level and provides information on vital parameters, including the calories burned, required activity levels, and other factors. If required, you can modify your exercise program on the basis of this information. This software can be used to generate reports and graphs on the basis of your eating and exercising habits.

Does The Nutribase EZ Edition Diet And Exercise Software Work?

Many users have benefited from this product. Joan, one such user, found the software easy to use. She found the “favorites” section in the software very useful because she eats the same foods frequently. Bob, another satisfied user, says that the software is one of the best programs in the market for counting calories. He likes the way the software tracks calories burned while exercising.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Joan was able to lose 13.5 pounds within a month by limiting her intake to 1,400 calories per day and walking for two miles every alternate day.

Another user, C. Sylvester had only good things to say about this software. He was able to track his mother’s food intake and help her become fitter. He is happy for his mother, because she lost 30 pounds within a short period of time. Even Joan found the calorie tracking feature very useful.

Pros And Cons

Many users found the food database helpful. With over 4,000 restaurant items and many other common foods listed, it is a valuable package for those who are particular about calorie intake and nutrient value. Bob found the comprehensive report on nutrients very useful.

The price is on the higher side, but the customers are not complaining. One such customer, Bob, purchased the newer version to replace the older one he bought seven years ago. According to him, the price is reasonable, making it one of the best programs for counting calories in the market.

Problems And Complaints

Some of the users reported password issues, as well as other problems using the company’s website. Joan said that the software could have done better with the weight loss graph.

The NutriBase EZ Edition Diet and Exercise Software is an easy, convenient way to track nutritional intake and exercise and compare that data to the calories you need for weight loss.

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