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Like many Americans seem to be these days, I am just a few pounds above my ideal weight. It’s always been a struggle, but since having my first child, it has been twice as hard as normal to lose those pesky ten to twenty pounds.

It seems that almost everyone I know is looking to lose those very same pounds. Could there be an easy way to lose stubborn weight, a way that doesn't involve exercise or extreme dieting? The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement promises just that.

How Does The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement Work?

Most weight loss supplements operate on the very same simple principle: regulate one’s metabolism and hunger levels to assist in maintaining a healthy diet. The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement purports to do all this and more, supposedly regulating bowel movements, boosting energy levels, and lowering cholesterol levels to boot!

Numia claims that the proprietary blend of natural sources (including exotic berries like Maqui) is what really makes their product sing.

Does The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement Really Deliver?

In my research, I found that the majority of users obtained favorable results from this product. Users like Greatful Mom found the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement to be a valuable ally in their battle for weight loss, especially when it came to eating in moderation.

In addition to effectively dropping pounds, most users do not appear to have experienced significant side effects, with many reporting no side effects whatsoever. This certainly sets the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement apart from the majority of supplements on the market.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

Supplements and pills intended to help users lose weight are certainly a controversial topic. Many dieters have only found success after trying several different kinds of these products, while others have sworn them off entirely. Still others (perhaps the majority) have been met with a confusing mixture of slow but noticeable results and unfortunate side effects.

Common side effects when taking weight loss supplements include nausea, dizziness, digestive problems, and frequent trips to the bathroom. However, most users complimented the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement on its ability to knock off the pounds without the aforementioned disappointing side effects.

Others, like Yvonne, found the positive results to be well worth her side effect of increased thirst. If you’ve tried it all, but to no avail, a supplement like this may be a logical next step for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a simple way to lose weight.
  • Side effect free for most users.


  • Some users did not experience weight loss results.
  • Some users may find the supplements to be expensive.

Problems and Complaints

In researching the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement, I found the supplement to be effective in increasing weight loss for the majority of users. But the handful of critics of the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement had several issues in common.

Users like L. Schiller found the pills to cause “the jitters”, as well as finding the frequent bathroom trips to be annoying and interfere with daily routine. Others found the pills to be relatively expensive.

Is The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement Better Than Other Weight Loss Products?

As mentioned above, pills and supplements are controversial in the weight loss world due to their all-too-common side effects and over-hyped nature. Most users of the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement have reviewed it positively and stressed that it causes few, if any side effects, making it a cut above the average weight loss product on the market today.

How Does The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement Rate Overall?

Overall, reviewers gave the Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement a 4 star rating out of 5 possible stars. Reviews were decidedly positive overall! Users raved about the positive effect on their weight loss efforts, overall metabolism boost, and other beneficial changes in their health.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement?

The Numia Premium Weight Loss Supplement is currently in stock and you can buy this product at a 38% discount on Amazon is currently offering Super Saver Shipping on this item with orders over $25. Also, you can read more reviews here.

I used to use Numia, where

I used to use Numia, where can i buy them. I cannot find them anywhere!!!

I have been taking Numia for

I have been taking Numia for 4 months. I have lost 40lbs. I recently started having side effects such as headache nausea vertigo and ended up in the ER with stroke like symptoms. Very strange because I was fine before. I tried contacting Numia (Unico industries) who is local to me. There phone is disconnected & the website order now Page is under construction. The price on Amazon has doubled & the 60 caps are sold out every where.

Similar Experience

I had a similar experience while taking Numia. I had been taking it for 4 months and lost about 24 pounds during that time. I am not complaining about that part at all. It truly does control your appetite. My issue is that I started having headaches along with chest pains. My blood pressure was a problem after having my last child but had been back to normal for several months. I started out with just headaches a couple of months ago and then I started having chest pain. Thats when I went to the ED. Several tests all came back fine but I still had issues getting my diastolic number down. I was put on BP meds and stopped taking Numia cause I figured it may be the cuplrit. Everything has subsided. I still have to monitor my blood pressure, just to be safe. Anyway, I don't know for sure what caused my episode, but it seems awfully coincidental that someone else had the same experience on it!

I rate Numia 5 stars. I am

I rate Numia 5 stars. I am currently doing Numia and have lost 12pds. In one month with no side effects I think that they are great.

where to purchase

I have heard great things about Numia. Where can I buy it? The product on Amazon is not the pills.

I've used this product & lost

I've used this product & lost total of 35 pounds. True, almost no side effects, helps to control all those crazy eating habits we all have. I didn't feel hungry at all, like really i was eating only because I had to. I have only a couple of suggestions, if you decide to do it, do it in moderation. Let's say try it for 2 weeks & then let your body rest from this as this is a big stress. Than do another round. this should help you loose weight without significant damage to your health. Also keep in mind when you loose weight, you loose muscle mass along with fat & water, so stay hydrated & do no push on crazy workouts. The last thing you need to exaust yourself & get sick. Good Luck!

I’m really impressed to read

I’m really impressed to read this nice post. I was looking forward to read it. Really it is an impressive post. Great thanks from my little heart for this excellent post.
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I would like to say that the

I would like to say that the information provided
Above are a fact! I started at 198 pounds 4 months
Later I am down to to 157lb. And the pills
Are still effective. I was so passionate about
The pills and the continuous weight loss and compliments
That I became a distributer of the product. Not
For the income but for the results and smiles on
My friends faces because they felt better about
Themselves. Thanks Numia

do you still sell these pills?

I would like to purchase Numia. Are you still a distributor?

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