No Scar Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss First Time Patients.

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Incisionless bariatric surgery for weight loss is now being performed in the United States on patients who have not had prior weight loss surgeries performed. In the past, these types of less invasive operations were only performed on people who had already had previous gastric bypass procedures.

In exciting developments surgeons are now able to reduce the size of a person's stomach without cutting through their abdomen. This is done by using an endoscope (a tube with a camera attached to the end) which goes down the throat to the inside of the stomach. Surgeons are then able to reduce the folds and contours of the stomach with staples or sutures (stitches).

Previously, these sorts of incisionless procedures were only performed on patients who had already had bariatric operations and were needing reshaping work doing. (Normally as a result of the stomach expanding.)

What Is Bariatric Surgery?

This is a term used to describe operations for people who are considered medically obese and who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or over. These types of procedures can also be performed on those who weigh less (who have a BMI of 35 or over) who are suffering from serious health issues related to their obesity.

For these sorts of operations to be successful, patients have to be prepared to change their lifestyle, and in particular their diets. Patients who do not modify and reduce their food intake will not have successful outcomes.

The reduced stomach size results in patients feeling fuller with dramatically smaller meals.

Benefits Of Incisionless Surgery

  • No scarring on the abdomen.
  • A decreased risk of wound infections and complications such as surgical hernias.
  • The fact that doctors are not cutting through the abdomen means there is much less pain and down time. Recovery times are also a lot faster.
  • A shorter hospital stay. With an endoscopic procedure many patients are able to go home the same day.
  • Patients are able to start gentle workouts, such as walking, straight away.


A much less invasive procedure with reduced pain, no scars, and the possibility of fewer complications for the same end results. This sort of medical development is great news for those facing weight loss surgeries.

* At the time of publication this procedure was only available at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

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