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Lose Weight with just a pair of Hiking Boots and a Backpack

People go to great lengths – to extremes, even – just to lose weight. Sometimes, their chosen method works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some get fast results; for others, it may take months before the desired effects become apparent. But sometimes, it is better to keep things simple. It is, after all, the small things that are often overlooked. Take hiking, for instance. It’s not as complicated as other sports or weight-loss regimens. However, you will be surprised how this simple activity could give you so many benefits when it comes to losing weight, and even more.

Hiking on Any Day Keeps the Pounds Away

It is simple enough. Make hiking a regular habit and watch all that excess weight disappear. Here are some points to ponder about how hiking can affect weight loss.

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Outdoor Activities for Weight Loss

Let’s face it, trying to lose weight can be hard work. Not to mention boring! As we sweat, forcing ourselves through our exercise routine every morning, we wonder if we will stick to it as our interest fades, while thinking: “There has to be something better”. Well, there is!

Instead of working hard at losing weight, as an alfresco enthusiast I strongly suggest making it fun by engaging in an exhilarating outdoor activity. You’ll be amazed at the number of calories you’ll burn in a short time, without ever thinking about it. Whatever sport you choose, from whitewater kayaking to extreme skiing, indeed the benefits provided beat bouncing with Richard Simmons on TV!

Bask in the Benefits of Outdoor Activities

The number one benefit of exercising outdoors to lose weight is: You’ll ENJOY it, so you’ll DO it!

In addition, most sport related activities combine the benefits derived from both aerobics and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic or cardio activity is the key to burning fat. In contrast, anaerobic or resistance training builds muscle for strength and endurance.

Health professionals recommend including lots of physical activity in your weight loss program, because it offers many more benefits than dieting alone:

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