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It seems the latest new craze for the weight loss industry in 2013 is weight loss psychology.  The latest advancement sent to me being something called the Neuro Gastric Band Program.  Created in the UK by weight loss psychologist Marvin Phythian it claims to increase mental strength, program good eating habits and make you feel valued.  Having spent years on every diet under the sun I thought I’d road test something different.

The online product talks about how regular healthy people don’t rely on fad diets, weight loss clubs etc to stay in shape.  Instead it says that if you let go of your dependence on crash and fad diets and strengthen your inner psychology you will find the discipline to stick to a healthy regime and lose weight.  Well that sounded right to me and highlighted my lifelong problem of not being able to stick to a diet, I was interested if not sceptical.

So how does it work?

Before I’d even accessed the product I had been given 3 audios to listen to.  Each of them had the psychologist talking about a different principle followed by an exercise to help focus and strengthen your mind. 

  • The first one was about valuing yourself and appreciating what you have, it was pretty good and kept me interested. 
  • The second one was about how to develop persistent mental strength to keep your beliefs in being healthy at a high level so you will always say no to temptation
  • and the final one was about replacing your bad habits with good habits, again they were both unique in their approaches and I genuinely felt stronger and in a better mood after listening to them.

When I entered the full product itself it was more of the same and more besides.  There are different modules you can access each with many parts, some audio, some video, some written and some worksheets almost like a college course to lose weight. There is a lot of modern knowledge about the mind and nutrition advice from an expert nutritionist, but the psychology exercises were by far the most interesting.  I have listened to hypnosis cds before with only some effect but the fact that these were reinforcing what you had already read and seemed much more in touch made them instantly more vivid.

The recordings are designed to put you off junk food and make you appreciate healthy food more as well as making you bring some other healthy eating habits into your life. They are not softly softly and can touch a nerve but I was certainly listening with attention.

First Effects

To begin with apart from feeling in a more positive mood, I definitely felt more in control of my food.  Unlike other diets I didn’t feel as if I had to work really hard to eat healthily. Instead I found myself throwing out the junk food and buying the healthy stuff.  

As I continued the program I completed the Gastric Band Surgery section.  In the recording I was taken from my house in a cab to a hospital, taken to a room before being given anaesthetic and wheeled down to the surgery room to have my operation.  It was all quite vivid with all the sound effects and fascinating. 

I don’t know whether it was this or the other advice I had been continually given but my portion sizes did reduce as a result.  I just felt full sooner.

How Does it Rate Overall

There is a lot in this program and I have not finished it yet but what I have reviewed has been of great interest and  actually has made a positive impact on my health and weight.  They could be on to something.  At a fraction of a cost of gastric band surgery (without the side effects some of my friends have) and a lot easier than going to a weight loss club, the Neuro Gastric Band is definitely one to watch out for.

If you are someone who could do with more confidence or who lacks the motivation and strength to maintain a healthy diet, or if you are someone who doesn’t have the spare time for gyms and classes then this is for you.  There are plenty of testimonials and videos to help inform you before your  purchase.

Currently it comes with free modules and a 60 day money back guarantee.  Visit it’s certainly worth a look.

Interesting Article

I would definitely be interested to know how this works out for you as it is something I have read about but not yet found anyone who has tried it. The idea of having all the sounds conjure up images in the mind must do something to the mind and I will be checking back to see how you are managing :)

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