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If you think you have hit a “plateau” and want to know whether you are actually losing your body fat and toning up your muscles, then the MyoTape can help you.

If you think that buying a tape to measure your body width is a waste of money, think again! With its push button retraction and locking feature, Myotape aids in accurate measurement. Moreover, this tape is made of vinyl, which makes it long-lasting. It can measure up to 60 inches in length and is very simple to use.

How Does The Myotape Work?

A MyoTape can measure any part of the body - the arm, thigh, chest, waist or hips. With a weight of 2.2 ounces and dimension of 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches, it is extremely light and easy to handle.

You hold the handle to form a loop and step into it, or pull the loose end around the part you are measuring. When you press the button, this tape tightens around your body part. The tension is the same for consistent measurements. Thereafter, you only need to hold it with one hand because the unit connects with its closed loop. This makes it easy to read the measurement.

The number interval on a MyoTape is one inch apart to give the same measurement as a standard tape measure. When you press the button to recoil, there are no intervals. This keeps the tape from recoiling on its own as you pull it out.

The pin in a MyoTape holds the tape in place and pops out if the tape isn't straight. This is done to ensure that the tape is straight for an accurate measurement.

This tape is more convenient to use when compared to a regular measuring tape. The MyoTape can be used independently, as the other end of the tape is locked within the device. This helps keep the tension uniform and free from error. Unlike a regular tape, you don’t need to have the help of someone else and save yourself from embarrassment in case you want to hide your measurements.

What Do Others Say? Does The Myotape Work?

On seeing any advertisement, we are apprehensive whether the product really works and meets the standards expected from the company. In the case of MyoTape, it does what it claims and is supported by the positive customer feedback.

Some customers find it difficult to accurately measure due to the tape’s one inch intervals. The answer to this problem is to use the product according to the instructions.

Users have found a MyoTape convenient to use, as it can be locked around the area being measured and give an accurate reading. Other users no longer opt for cloth/sewing kit tape to measure their bodies. They like to use this product to keep a track of their progress.

Most of the customers have found it useful because it gives error-free results comparing to other tapes.

L. Thompson from Baltimore, Maryland, is enthusiastic about the MyoTape,

“So I know it sounds crazy to say a tape measure is great, but this one really is. I was using a regular ribbon-type tape measure (from a sewing kit) and this one blows that away! It's very easy to use and gives consistent measurements, which is important when you're tracking body progress, which involves very small changes! I recommend it if you're looking for a body tape measure, and it's reasonably priced.”

Here’s what Jan Robinson, a contented customer from Richardson, Texas, has to say about the MyoTape.

“Over the months I’ve been losing weight, I’ve used a regular ‘sewing’ type tape measure and had trouble getting it together and getting a fairly accurate measurement. It was kind of comical at times. So I got this and it’s a really big help, sort of an extra hand, and seems to adjust the same each time. So I’m happy. It was also cool that my uper geeky husband, who is precise in almost everything, really likes it too.”

Mark Brace from San Diego, California, who has survived a stroke, uses Myotape and says,

“Being a stroke survivor, my dexterity is not what it once was. This product enables me to take my own measurements, and more accurately. Well built, well designed. I recommend it highly for everyone, no matter your level of dexterity.”

Pros and Cons


  • More accurate than regular tape measures
  • It provides reproducible results
  • Great when tracking small body changes
  • Very easy to use - this is particularly important for people with limited mobility.
  • It allows you take your measurements by yourself, without asking for anybody to help you.


  • The nub at the end of the tape is plastic, and so is the notch that accomodates it. Two plastic surfaces tend to slide against one another. If the nub had a rubber lining, the notch would hold it much more firmly, as the nub now tends to slide out some times.
  • Depending on how tight or loose the tape happens to wrap around your body, it may give slightly different results - the difference is less than half an inch, though.

Problems And Complaints

Some of the users have complained that the tape makes a clicking sound when it is pulled. To prevent the sound, keep the button pressed while pulling and release it just in time so that the tape doesn’t recoil.

Another problem faced is that the pin pops out. This happens only when the tape is not straight, which will give incorrect results.

This is the best way to measure your body without help and risking your measurements becoming public! With such features, a MyoTape is a great buy.

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