My Review of Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones: A Workout DVD

As a busy mom of three, I don’t have a lot of time to go the gym, but I love the strong, healthy way my body feels when I’m working out with weights.

This is why I picked up the Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones DVD in the first place.

Now, I did not expect to be a big fan of Jillian Michaels. I tend to prefer workouts from those trainers that adopt a perkier, more gentle approach, such as that delivered by The Firm girls. I like to take orders from ladies who kindly, gently, and happily tell me how great I look while I’m grunting, sweating, and struggling to get through the workout.

Jillian’s approach is a bit more edgy, a bit more take-no-prisoners. But she does get results.

What is No More Trouble Zones DVD About?

As the name implies, this DVD is designed to target those traditional, nagging problem areas: namely, saddlebags, muffin tops, and wobbly arms. It’s a 50 minute workout, with a five minute warm up, a 40 minute “trouble zone circuit” and a 5 minute cool down.

The Pros of No More Trouble Zones

  • The workout is structured in an intuitive, predictable way. It’s easy to follow because you always know what’s coming next. Jillian leads you through seven 6-minute circuits with combination moves that target the chest, shoulders, back, abs, hips, legs, and glutes.

    The circuit training formula allows you to hit a target area in a predictable and smooth way, and you repeat each circuit twice.

    If you ever have trouble following along with a fast-moving aerobic workout with crazy dance moves, you’ll like this.  It’s very easy to follow.

  • The other two women doing the workout alongside Jillian are strong and athletic with great muscle tone. They aren’t waifs. It’s inspiring to watch them do this workout with strength and flexibility.
  • You can easily adjust the workout to your level of fitness. Jillian recommends 3 pound weights in this video. I use 5 pound weights for most of it, but I find that I have to drop down to my 3s for the shoulder work. Jillian also points out other modifications throughout that can help you challenge yourself further.
  • The circuits are fairly challenging. Depending on your point of view, you might put this in the “con” category, but the workout certainly does what it sets out to do. There are a few exercises that make me cringe (for example: surrenders, windshield wipers, loads of crunches), but they are so worthwhile.

The Cons of No More Trouble Zones

  • The focus is not on cardio and aerobics. The focus here is definitely on building strength and toning. Your heart rate gets up there if you’re really keeping up, but you’ll find the traditional jumping jacks, skaters and other light cardio moves only in the warm-up. If you love aerobic dance, this is not the DVD for you.
  • Just like a lot of workout videos, once you’ve heard the same commentary 20 times, it starts to get old. But you have the option, with this DVD, to play the entire thing without the dialog. You get the same workout with music only. I do this almost exclusively now.

The Bottom Line

No More Trouble Zones provides a solid workout in a short amount of time (just under an hour). It has been one of my favorite DVDs for more than a year now. I like it so much, in fact, that I have made a list of all the exercises it contains so I can do them on my own when I travel. It is currently available at a discount on

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