My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise And Nutrition Review

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The Wii entertainment console has spurred a popularity of home fitness video games. Everyone seems to love the idea of having an interactive workout DVD product that creates an atmosphere of challenge and fun while staying in the privacy of your own house.

Ubisoft played it’s hand with the original My Fitness Coach, and is now back with My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition.

How Does My Fitness Coach 2 Work?

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My Fitness Coach 2 combines interactive game play with guided exercise routines that take a step past home workout videos. The game tracks your movements and abilities to design a daily exercise regimen to meet your specified goals. Each day is something a little different.

Each exercise routine and regimen is coached from an animated avatar. My coach guided me through each exercise, demonstrating with a video, and tracking my form and posture with the Wii remote. Each exercise follow this formula.

The exercise routines I performed ranged from ten to fifteen minutes in length. The exercise routines in My Fitness Coach 2 are more of a micro routine. I enjoyed having this sort of micro routine with my busy schedule.

My Fitness Coach 2 also includes a recipe and lifestyle guide. I enjoyed being able to browse through different plate selections and recipe ideas for dinner. Food choices are customizable, so if I decide to go vegetarian then the options are there.

What Are Others Saying About My Fitness Coach 2?

Opinions are mixed about this game. I have to take into account that this is a sequel of a video game. Multiple consumers have said that they prefer the original My Fitness Coach over the sequel. Doing a bit of research I found that the second iteration is actually an original game from the UK that has been rebadged. Because of this I had to use some discretion towards opinions. Being a video game I decided to separate how users revered the sequel, and opinions towards results.

As a sequel, this game isn’t very highly regarded. The experience is very different from the original My Fitness Coach.  User reviews like K. Galyen’s reflects that many of the loved aspects of the first game have been removed from the sequel. 

As for results, I have to agree with Corrine Onge, that they are slow. Workouts are designed in micro session, not heart pounding marathons. As quickly your heart rate rises, it can fall. Better results can be had by extending workout sessions.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

All exercise routines will effect each individual differently. I could not find any clear weight loss numbers associated with the My Fitness Coach 2 title. The game does have varying goals to choose from though, so depending on your chosen path your mileage may vary. The amount of effort put into My Fitness Coach will directly effect the amount of weight lost. I had to double up on exercise routines often to get my heart moving and the calorie furnace ignited.

Dinner menus and lifestyle guides help prevent me from falling back on old habits. Any weight loss goals include a whole life style change. Combining great nutrition with a proper mind on portion size and lifestyle choices complemented my work regimen well. Fat loss was slow, but noticeable and steady.

Side Effects.

This is a physical fitness regimen. I would suggest consulting a doctor before starting any physical fitness routine. Muscle strain and injury can occur if proper form and posture are not followed. Use proper caution while working out.

Problems And Complaints

There were many users that compared this iteration of My Fitness Coach to the original. The major differences in the design of the game made many complaints among many users. Consumers did not like the major over haul of the game.

I found the micro exercise routines became troublesome when using the game for an extended workout session. Restarting the routine three of four times grew to become annoying. The routines didn’t provide me with much challenge for very long either. It wasn’t very long before I hit a plateau with my regimen and started looking else where.

My Fitness Coach 2 registers movements with the Wii Balance Board and the Wii remote. I had trouble on some occasions with the game registering reps. This is common with Wii fitness games, but is still frustrating.  And then other users, like Pam Brush, just found the game flat and boring.

My Fitness Coach Isn’t A Sequel. explains My Fitness Coach 2 isn’t a sequel to the original My Fitness Coach per se. The game is more of a compliment and a new idea. My Fitness Coach 2 is actually a game called “New U” from the UK. New U was well received in the UK, just as the original My Fitness Coach was in the Americas. New U had a much different, and slower approach then high impact style of My Fitness Coach, while taking a broader look at health with the inclusion of lifestyle and nutrition guides. Ubisoft decided to release New U as the sequel to My Fitness Coach in the US.

How Does My Fitness Coach 2 Rate Overall?

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As a fitness regimen, My Fitness Coach 2 makes a nice compliment to any exercise routine. The quick micro sessions are great to keep your blood moving in between lunch and dinner for that on the go life style. Recommended nutrition guides and lifestyle recommendations were nice to keep my mind focused on healthy choices. This game makes a great companion.

I can’t say I would recommend this by itself. My Fitness Coach 2 is not robust enough for an all around weight loss plan. More features and exercises could be added to increase training and further your goals. I didn’t feel as if I got enough from the program.

Where Can I Purchase My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise And Nutrition?

You can currently purchase My Fitness Coach 2 on sale at Performing a quick search for “My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition” will take you to the page to buy this product. Buy this product with a 50% discount. More reviews are also available to read at your leisure. Read more reviews here.

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