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The latest creation from iSatori, MX-LS7, is fused with cutting-edge ingredients and rapid bio-diffusion delivery.

Some of the claimed properties of this product are improved focus and mental sharpness, elevated metabolic rate and increased body heat.

All of these features may help you burn more fat, and increase your stamina during workouts allowing you to achieve the most desired outcomes.

How Does MX-LS7 Max Strength Lean System 7 Work?

According to the iSatori, MX-LS7 works in 4 ways:

  • It has a potent thermogenic effect – it increases the body’s heat production, which promotes fat burning.

  • It increases the metabolic rate by regulating Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3), two major thyroid hormones that control the rate of metabolism. In the human body, T4 converts to T3. Comparing to T4, T3 is about 4 times more potent in controlling bodily metabolic rate. MX-LS7 enhances the conversion of T4 to T3, thereby increasing the metabolic rate.

  • It increases the breakdown of triglycerides into free acids – a process known as lipolysis.
  • It increases blood flow and glucose in the brain resulting in improved focus and more energy to complete those tough workouts.

Of course, these statements and effects of MX-LS7 have not been clinically evaluated.

What Others Are Saying - Does MX-LS7 Max Strength Lean System 7 Work?

Reviews range from “great product” to “waste of money”. The majority of users, however, say that the MX-LS7 Max Strength Lean System 7 does work.

Most reviewers agree that MX-LS7 reduces your appetite and boosts your energy without causing your heart to race. That’s why 74% of users have rated it 4 stars out of 5. Luke from California states,

“I’ve dropped 7lbs of fat and am close to my body fat% goal. I've maintained a fitness routine of alternating resistance training- cardio-core work outs Mon-Sat, resting on Sundays.”

One user from Wisconsin claims,

“I have been using this for a little over 2 years now and I love it. It helps fight against mindless snacking urges as well as gives me a huge boost in energy.”

Some are calling it “one of the best.” I feel the user reviews speak for themselves, although, not all products are designed to work well for every individual. If you are looking for a product that can help in a multitude of areas then this may be one you want to add to your list of choices.

Claims of nausea and jitteriness were noted by a few users but most did not encounter any type of side effects. Viewpoints differ from user to user but most feel the product delivered great results in a fairly quick amount of time.

Chah Li, from Florida, used MS-LS7 with great success, but also paid much attention to his diet and fitness training. He says:

“I've been taken this product for six weeks now but saw dramatic, cosmetically noticeable results in about four weeks.”

Check out the advice he gives here.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Several reviewers felt that the product was a big factor in their weight loss. Most claim that the product did a great job in keeping their energy high throughout a tough workout, giving them better focus and stamina. California customer, F. Ferrell states,

“you cannot eat whatever you want and expect to lose weight, but by watching my diet and regularly working out, I've dropped 30 lbs as well as 5 inches around my waist. I'm very happy with my purchase.”

Lukas has been using the MX-LS7 for a year. He noticed a reduced appetite and significantly more energy. During this time, he improved his diet and exercised consistently. He shares:

“When I began taking these when I was 175 and now I am 160. I wouldn't say that the pills wore the solely responsible for the weight lose however they helped extremely with providing energy and suppressing appetites.”

Pros and Cons


  • Claims to work from the very first dose. Some people found this to be true, or at least noticed a difference within the first week.
  • Reasonably priced. Much cheaper on Amazon compared to some other sites.
  • High performance fat burner.
  • No energy crash. Many found that the product allowed them to get through a workout but did not give them the “tired feeling” that some other products do.
  • Boosts energy without making you feel shaky


  • Some users could not take the full recommended dosage.
  • Can get nauseous if you do not eat enough throughout the day.
  • Some (less than 20% of the users) feel that the product claims were false and that it did not work for them.
  • The “jittery mess” some felt caused them to lose sleep. The product does contain caffeine.
  • Not FDA approved.

Side Effects

Side effects include nervous unease, sleeplessness, nausea and light headaches. However, few users experienced these feelings. As Amanda, who has tried a number of thermogenic products and finds MS-LS7 superior, explains:

“As long as you keep a healthy and well balanced diet, this product should not have negative side effects”

As far as staying awake at night, Josh from Atlanta recommends:

“…taking it only in the morning hours because you will be jacked up all night otherwise!”

and Nicole from Columbus, Ohio, adds

“Do not take it after about 6pm, you will be wondering around your house fully awake!”

To minimize potential undesired effects, it is recommended that you do not take the full dose (3 pills) at the beginning. Start with 1 pill and increase it to 3. Also, do not consume other products that contain caffeine while on the MS-LS7.

Problems and Complaints

The MX-LS7 Max Strength Lean System 7 is not FDA approved and some of the users found it to cause them to be jittery. One reviewer stated,

“Maybe it was just me but I tried taking 2 capsules instead of the recommended 3 and still felt like I was hyped up on amphetamines. Nauseas and jittery are the most appropriate descriptions of how I felt on these.”

If you are looking for a product to help you burn fat and increase energy, you may want to add this product to your short list. While not every user was satisfied, many were and have even continued to use the product for several years.

The Lean System 7 is not a miracle pill but may help you achieve the energy you need to get through those tough workouts all while staying focused. Do not expect it to work if you do not accompany it with your commitment to proper diet and hard exercise. As Luke says in his review (mentioned above):

“Don't be a moron and take this for the stimulants in order to have energy and mental focus...that is not what this is for!”

Don’t take it in order to burn fat while you are at rest. Don't take it and then sit in your a all day. Take it in order to lift more and workout longer. If you do this, the results will be more than noticeable.

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