Mummies and Tummies: How to Lose Weight Fast After Having a Baby

You still have the pregnancy pouch and do not know how to shoo it away. Nothing fits you, U feel lazy, U get irritated so fast. U tried all kinds of diets, starved you and still the same.

Patience is what helps you to shoo it away. It’s not tough it’s all in your mind.

Fist of all, losing weight fast right after pregnancy is NOT recommended. "Typically you will be breastfeeding and therefore the last thing you want to do is crash dieting or anyting that restricts your nutrient intake" says Rachel Sin, licensed nutritionist and registered dietitian with Nutrilution in South Beach, Florida.

Nutrition Advice on Losing Weight Fast After Pregnancy

What should you do to lose that pouch? Follow this I am sure you would start loving yourself after a month.

  Do not diet: - It’s good to watch your calories but eat well.

  • Have six meals a day.
  • Start your day with a Hot glass of water with honey and lemon
  • Have your morning cup of tea/coffee
  • Eat a whole fruit like a banana an apple, papaya before you take your breakfast
  • Eat a cereal to kick start your metabolism for the day and have adequate carbohydrates to give you energy to work throughout the day.
  • Take a mid meal snack or a fruit
  • Enjoy your lunch and add a protein
  • Coffee/tea is always welcome around 4 with a light snack
  • Have your soup and a light dinner before 7:30 and give rest to your body
  • Later if hungry have a glass of milk or some fruit
  • Drink lots of water; as much as you can
  • Eat everything in moderation
  • Plan your day if going out – eat everything and enjoy it but be careful the next day

Exercise daily: - Exercise allows you to feel each part of your body. Lose the weight not the muscle

  • It could be a brisk walk for 45 minutes/ A jog for 30 minutes
  • Yoga regimen for 45 minutes
  • The best is to alternate it.
  • In a week 3 days you could do your yoga /the gym 2 days of a brisk walk or a jog

5 Minute Workout to Get Back into Pre-Pregnancy Shape

Here is a 5-min workout that can help you get back into exercising after having a baby.

Pilates after Pregnancy

There are pilates exercises that you can do prenatal and postpartum in order to keep feet. Here are some that you can do while holding your baby.


Jacki Dorris is an expert at getting women back into shape after their pregnancy. Check out some effective exercise techniques she explains in the video below:

Slow and steady weight loss is permanent.

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