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How to Get Motivation to Lose Weight

This post is to encourage people who wish to lose weight but feel lazy to do so. Whether you’re exercising the natural way or using diet pills and weight loss equipment, do so under supervision.

Children, naturally remain active, and it takes a while before they compose themselves and walk straight on the road, instead of hopping, skipping and jumping from one room to another under the same roof!

In adolescence, the pressure of remaining slim and acquiring an hour-glass figure, especially in case of women is so overwhelming, that even a favorite flavor of ice-cream becomes a taboo.

However, after marriage and a couple of children, we enjoy plunking down the office chair, in front of the idiot box, and dream we too possessed the kind of figure Jane Fonda would be envious of! As complacency sets in, lethargy overtakes your enthusiasm to kick the flab.

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Weight Loss-Brain Wave Subliminal CD Review

The weight loss industry is one that is ever expanding. If you are trying to lose weight you may have already discovered the majority of different tools available to you. There is a fairly new form of weight loss enhancement that you may be interested in learning more about.

The Weight Loss-Brain Wave Subliminal CD may be able to help you lose weight on a level of yourself you never thought of utilizing before. Let me help you learn more about this product and decide if it is the right way to go for you.

How Does the Weight Loss- Brain Wave Subliminal CD Work?

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Procrastinating on Getting into the Gym? Your Subconscious Could be the Culprit

Have you ever been shocked by the sudden creativity you’ve displayed when making up excuses for why you keep ditching out on the gym?  If you’re amazed at your mind’s resolve to constantly lie to itself about why you haven’t been following up on your new year’s resolution to get in shape, the problem may not lye in laziness, but in your mind itself.

Although there’s no way to know for sure what your inhibition is unless you see a therapist, the most common reason stopping people from going to the gym is the anxiety they associate with working out. 

Overcoming this anxiety is more than just simply forcing yourself to overcome it each time you want to work out.  You need to attack the source of your anxiety by breaking the negative associations your subconscious mind has with exercise. 

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

There are many ways to reprogram your subconscious into having positive associations with something that normally triggers anxiety.  They can either be by extracting negative associations from your subconscious or by implanting positive ones. 

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Striving for Imprefection: Why Perfectionism can Prevent Improvement

I am a perfect-o-holic.

Sure, I know it’s folly; yet I can picture that magical happy place where all goes according to plan and everything works out as I imagined. I have a plan.

Becoming the perfect worker

Today, I become the pinnacle of modern workplace efficiency. Without exception, every single solitary item on my to-do list will be accomplished — even those lingering on the pad since ‘07. Phone calls will be returned in a timely, upbeat, eager manner, complete with all the necessary and required information at hand.

Today, every goal will be exceeded; every deadline shall be beat. Should I spot a customer, client, co-worker, or vendor, I shall stretch out a warm enthusiastic hand in friendship, greeting her with passion, warmth, and energy; developing the ultimate positive reputation. Today, all reports will be finished on time and with precision.

Today, the five-year backlog of filing shall be ended. Facebook farm games, really cute cat videos on YouTube, and forwarded emails with titles like “LOL! OMG! You’ve got to see this!” shall not deter me from my mission. I am a rock. (I shall be so effectual that I will have even had enough spare time to properly arrange my computer’s desktop icons in perfect order. After all, I owe it to myself to have some fun.)

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Partnering with a Family Member or Buddy Helps You Lose Weight Faster, Study Finds

A new research study supports the longstanding view that social support can play a big role in successful weight loss—but only under the right conditions.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight? Set Financial Incentives, Study Suggests

There are many roadblocks to losing weight, and one of the most common is sustaining the motivation needed to continue a weight loss program. Once the initial excitement surrounding a new weight loss plan has died away, we are left in search of something to keep us going. A preliminary study, reported in JAMA's December 10 issue, may have an answer: it appears that financial incentives can aid short-term weight loss.

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What Happened to the Common Sense Diet?

I am not new to writing about weight loss – I have written about a number of diet fads week after week, and I have to tell you that I am deeply perturbed. We have become a society where we as parents try to make sure our children eat healthy balanced meals and then many of us parents enlist the help of the Master Cleanse, Lemonade Diet, Chocolate Diet and Cabbage Soup Diet to help ourselves get leaner. What is happening here – what ever happened to the Common Sense Diet?

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Five Weight Loss Truths To Prevent Accidental Diet Sabotage

Being diet smart can make all the difference in the battle of the bulge. No matter which diet you are following, or are selecting from, there are some simple home truths that apply to any weight loss campaign. Ignore these weight loss truths and you may find you are inadvertently sabotaging your diet.

Not all calories are created equal.

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How To Start A Weight Loss Program That Will Succeed

How many diets have we all started with the very best of intentions? How long has it taken before the salad is ditched for bread or pizza, and sleeping in seems a better idea than hitting the gym? The secret to maintaining a diet can be very simple. Read on for some effective tips on how to start a weight loss program and then succeed.

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Experience Weight Loss In Winter Instead Of Weight Gain.

Do you dread winter because you know you are just going to gain weight? Do you finish every winter with inches to lose? Do you expect your bikini to be too small each and every spring? Is a diet at the end of winter a lifelong pattern for you? Well, it is possible to keep the pounds at bay during the colder months. Better still, it is even possible to experience weight loss in winter. Read on for some handy winter diet tips.

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