Model D versus Model E – Concept 2 Rowers Comparison

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Concept 2, best known for their indoors rowing machines, stand atop the rowing market with their innovative rowing products, such as the Model D and Model E rowing machines.

There is no doubt that both Model D and Model E rowing machines are extremely durable and make a lifetime investment for people who purchase them. There are however some differences between the two. Knowing how the two models differ from each other can help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Differences Between Concept 2 Model D and Model E

According to Will Spalding, member of the Concept 2’s customer service team, the major differences between Model D and Model E rowing machines are the following:

Height: 20 versus 14 inches
The most noticeable difference between the Model D and Model E rowers is the height of the machines. The Model E sits up higher above the floor. The height of the seat on the Model E is 20 inches – almost similar to the height of a chair.

This is different than the Model D, which like all previous Concept 2 models, sits only 14 inches above the floor. What this means is that, Model E is more appropriate for people who have bad knees or other leg joint problems because they might have an easier time getting on and off of the seat. If you don’t have balance and mobility issues either machine will do for you.

Design: Glossy versus Mat
There are a few other subtle differences between the two rowers. The design of the Model E carries a few refinements. The metal parts have a clear coat finish. This gives the Model E a more glossy appearance that differs from the mat finish of the Model D.

Length of Arm: Short versus Long
Unlike Model D’s monitor arm which is relatively short and pivots up and down, the monitor arm on the Model E is longer and is fixed in place.

Chain: Nickel versus Steel
The Model E has a nickel-plated chain while the Model D has the standard steel chain.

Monitor: PM4 versus PM3/PM4
When you  place your order from Model D you will be able to choose between the PM3 or PM4 monitor. If you order a Model E machine, it is going to come with a PM4 monitor which, unlike PM3, gets recharged by the flywheel motion.

An Additional Shroud
Lastly, the Model E carries an extra shroud on the backside of the flywheel housing where the chain enters the machine.

“None of those refinements will change the function of the machine”, explains Will Spalding, “or the benefits you get from rowing. It is exactly the same on either rower.

Similarities Between Concept 2 Model D and Model E

Both machines are accompanied with the same warranty. The warranty of Concept 2 covers every part of the rowers for 2 years. The metal frame parts are covered for 5 years.

Maintenance is identical on both Models. Concept 2 advises that

  • You keep the top surface of the rail clean so that your seat slides smoothly back and forth when you exercise.

  • You periodically lubricate the chain using the chain oil that comes with the machines. Instructions on how apply the oil are included.

If you are wondering which of the two machines is more safe or durable, Will Spalding explicitly confirms that both Model D and E are rock solid pieces of equipment and they are designed for heavy institutional use.

Concept 2 ships both Model D and E into health clubs and training rooms all over the world where they are being used under very punishing conditions. What does that mean for a home user? Well, when you buy either machine you make a lifetime investment.

Is the space required to use Model D or E different?
Either models occupy the same space. Concept two recommends a working area of 9 feet by 4 feet. This will give you head and elbow room at the end of the stroke.

Size - Storage
Both machines have the same dimensions. They are 8 feet long and two feet wide. When the machines are not in use, they can quickly and easily be broken apart for storage or transportation. The machines can be folded and unfolded in 5 seconds without the use of any tools.

If you need more information to decide on which of the two indoor rowers is best for you, read over 60 reviews of the Model D and reviews of the Model E.

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