Minimally Invasive Lap Band

Minimally invasive lap band surgery is a procedure used to help seriously overweight patients lose the weight they need to stay healthy. The procedure is done through several small incisions and takes about an hour to complete. Most patients have minor discomfort after surgery and can return to work in a week or less. This type of surgery has been very effective in helping patients lose the weight they need to lose and unlike most dieting programs; they are able to keep the weight off after losing it.

The process of minimally invasive lap band surgery involves the placement of a synthetic band around the upper portion of the stomach to create a small pocket. This helps limit the amount of food that the patient can eat after surgery and will help them lose weight slowly as their body adjusts to a lower caloric intake. By having this smaller stomach area the patient will also feel full sooner when eating and won’t have to deal with the hunger and craving for food that accompany most diets. After the surgery the patient will eat smaller and more frequent meals each day as their body becomes accustomed to the lap band.

The lap band is also adjustable and can be made more or less restrictive as needed to help adjust the portions of food a patient can eat. This adjustment is done by injecting a saline solution into an adjustment port that is placed just under the patient’s skin. These adjustments can be made in the doctors office and allow the doctor to make modifications to the behavior of the lap band whenever needed.

Once this minimally invasive lap band surgery is completed, the lap band stays in place for the balance of the patient’s life to help them control their weight. It is made of a synthetic material that is tolerated very well by the body with little concern for later complications. There are very few cases of lap band failures and even the rare ones that do occur are more a case of the lap band slipping its location on the stomach. This usually occurs when a patient eats too large a meal and the extra volume of food slides the lap band down lower on the stomach to accommodate the meal. The minimally invasive lap band surgery has been improved in recent years to help avoid this problem by actually suturing the band in place on the surface of the stomach. This helps eliminate the prospect of a lap band failure and ensure the lap band will stay in its correct position over time.

The other advantage to minimally invasive lap band surgery is that it can be used in a wide range of patients unlike other weight loss procedures. Since there is no open surgery required, it is a fairly simple process to place the band and as a result the recovery period is short. Also, since it doesn’t require any direct surgical modification of the stomach or other portions of the gastrointestinal tract, it can be used on patients of all ages to help them lose the weight they need.

How Much Will I lose With The Lap Band?

According to general surgeon Charles Bertel of the Duluth Clinic Weight Management Program, the expected weight loss in the first year with a band varies from patient to patient. It depends on what additional things they do, such as exercise and eating properly. Typically, patients should expect to lose 35-40% of their excess weight over the course of the first year. This is less than the 50-55% excess weight that patients experience with the gastric bypass over the first year. However, over the course of time, things gradually equal out. So the gastric bypass and gastric band are about the same at three to five years.

How Long Do You Need To Stay In The Hospital

For 50-60% of the people the lap band surgery is one-day operation. The rest of the people spend one night in the hospital and go home next day. People who have had a tummy tuck in the past usually wonder whether this would require longer hospitalization. As Dr Bertel explains, the tummy tuck does not factor in the overnight stay in the hospital. Overnight stays in the hospital depend on the patients level of confort and how difficult the surgery was.

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