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How to Lose Fat - 6 Key Rules

If you have tried every popular weight-loss trick in the book, only to find yourself still overweight, then it’s high time to take a reality check. After months or years, if you are still frustrated about your belly, love-handles or wide thighs, then it’s about time to change your life.

Before all the specifics, the first step is to dump everything. Dump the fad diets, the Weight Watchers meetings, the diet pills, the thousands of crunches, the hours on the treadmill and the “low fat” foods. These strategies have proven ineffective for millions, wasting everyone’s time and money.

I have researched how to lose weight for years; I have been down that frustrating road of crunches and cardio, diets and “low fat” foods, and I have corrected my mistakes along my journey. Below you will find the six methods I incorporate into my daily routine to maintain a healthy, athletic body.

Method 1 – What is “Weight?”

What weight do you want to lose? People are often confused when confronted with this question, since the media, experts and gurus have always taught the concept of “weight-loss.” However, in reality, this phrase is inaccurate.

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