Metabolife Weight Loss – Is It A Disaster Or Does It Indeed Work?

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While it is true that you will find hundreds of dietary supplements all over the world and of course on the Internet as well, but the fact remains that, there has possibly been no greater debate than the one concerning Metabolife. The US firm Metabolife International, Inc. was best known for their ephedra-based product that they named Metabolife 356 and it was a huge hit, to say the least.

Not only did the company generate millions in revenue, but the Metabolife weight loss supplement reportedly helped thousands achieve the results that they wanted to. However there was a flip side too. It was linked to several severe side effects and there were according to some reports, some fatalities as well. And because of this, the FDA banned the sale of Metabolife in 2004. And not only that, the owner of the company was convicted for income tax problems and also for lying. But then, how can we forget all those people who are till this day convinced that it indeed worked, at least for them. Yes while there have been some negative reports, but what about all those success stories? So Metabolife weight loss – is it a disaster or does this indeed work? That is a big question that needs to be answered.

The Metabolife story – What is happening today?

Though the sale of Metabolife 356 was banned by FDA and the company’s owner convicted, but the company itself survived and they keep boasting of great success stories. Of course the FDA does not support these claims, but that has not deterred many overweight people who want to try anything to lose those extra pounds.

The company has also come up with the MLifeSupport program, which is a free service that provides tips from experts, education and support tool as well apart from community encouragement. It seems more than a PR exercise as there are experts who feel that the new Metabolife products offer better results than the controversial Metabolife 356.

The truth revealed – all about the Metabolife side effects

The truth is, almost every supplement or drug that we find comes with side effects, and the same holds true for Metabolife as well. It can cause anxiety, sleep issues, diarrhea, chest pain, dizziness, high BP, kidney problems and even thyroid issues.

However according to reports published by independent laboratories, the side effects of Metabolife can be contained and even avoided if it is used exactly as directed. And the fact is that, there are many Metabolife products that do not even have ephedrine, which seems to be main problem area.

But it is perhaps best that you should not throw caution to the wind. If you want to lose weight, you can use it, but do this exactly as directed. And if you find any of the side effects as mentioned above, refrain from using Metabolife.

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