Met Rx Big 100 Review: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Meal Replacement Bar

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Eating your way to trimness - by Rhian Hunt

When I first heard of the way in which meal replacement bars help people increase their fitness, tone their bodies, lose weight, and maintain their diets, I found the idea to be intriguing. Losing fat involves not only working out, but also decreasing caloric intake in many cases. Elevated levels of eating will slow the process of fat loss considerably and make it more likely that the dieting attempt will fail.

However, simply cutting back food below the normal daily intake, although it will cause weight loss, is a poor solution for other reasons. The body needs a certain amount of protein and vitamin input, or the feelings of hunger grow intense and continue to get worse over time, energy levels drop (making it harder to keep up a proper exercise regime), and maintaining the diet becomes close to impossible.

Protein, vitamins, and necessary enzymes are packed into meal replacement bars, such as the Met Rx Big 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Meal Replacement Bar – as well as some caloric value – so eating one instead of a meal will give the user some calories, as well as enough protein and vitamins to keep them healthy, energetic, and to somewhat reduce the feelings of hunger produced by dieting. In effect, as long as the body is getting its daily requirement of protein, it will not respond as strongly to a reduction in simple calories – while the energy provided by that robust dose of protein will keep you vigorous enough to carry out your chosen exercise regimen as well.

Why I like the Met Rx Meal Bar

The idea of the meal replacement bar is a solid one, but with so many bars on the market now, it is possible to ask – what is the advantage of the Met Rx Big 100 Meal Bar? There are several answers to this question, but they all boil down to one simple fact: with all factors considered, the Met Rx Meal Bar is one of the most effective meal replacement bars on the market.

Protein: 27 grams

One of the factors making the Met Rx Meal Bar one of the most viable bars for the dieter and fitness-seeker is that it contains a high concentration of necessary nutrition factors while remaining relatively low on calories. Each of the bars contains 27 grams of protein, 51 grams of carbohydrates, and up to 45% of each of the vitamins and minerals required daily by the human body. This means that it keeps the body healthy and energized, and reduces feelings of hunger better than simply eating less – since the high protein content will give the body fuel and ‘trick’ it into thinking it is being fed more than it really is.

The large size of the Met Rx 100 Meal Replacement Bars – at 3.5 ounces each – also helps with this ‘tricking’ of the system, since the bar is substantial enough to ‘feel’ like a decent amount of food has been consumed. This amount is, after all, about the same weight as a typical fast food hamburger and its bun, and is almost as large as a ‘quarter-pounder.’ Eating something that is more satisfying in bulk will also help to make the dieter feel more gastronomically fulfilled.

There is one more aspect of the Met Rx Meal Bars that must be mentioned as well – their pleasant flavor and texture.

Good Flavor

As many customers who have used these bars testify, they are much more palatable than other meal replacement bars on the market. They are soft and chewy, flavorful (with a somewhat vitamin-like, but pleasant, under-taste), and do not leave a chemical aftertaste in the mouth after they are consumed. Some might view this as simply a minor detail or even a kind of frippery, but I believe that this is a functional part of what makes the Met Rx Meal Bars effective.

Consider the matter this way. If something is enjoyable, or at least mildly pleasant, then you are more likely to do it than if it is even mildly unpleasant. Over the short term, most people can make themselves eat or drink something unpalatable, but eventually, foul-tasting substances ‘wear out their welcome.’ Combined with feeling hungry all the time, facing eating yet another meal bar with the culinary appeal of liquid dishwashing detergent may make even the stout-hearted have a moment of weakness and reach for a slice of chocolate cake and a double cheeseburger instead.

However, since the Met Rx Meal Bar is tasty, easily chewed, and enjoyable, it will remain a welcome food source for a long time. There are even several different flavors of the bar, with the same nutritional profile but enough variety to make them appealing alternatives to one another. This, in fact, actually makes the Met Rx Meal Bar more effective – because it is likely to be willingly used longer and used more frequently, thanks to its tasty nature.

It is recommended that the Meal Bar should be accompanied by at least 8 ounces of water or other fluid intake, but this only helps to make the meal seem more complete and fill the stomach more effectively. Those with allergies should also note that the bar contains soy products, milk, and eggs.

Generally as good as these meal replacement bars are, and as good a job as they do at providing the protein and vitamins the body needs to continue functioning energetically while minimizing fat intake, there is one slight problem with them. Almost like a chocolate bar, they tend to become semi-liquid if heated and stick to their wrapper. This can make them difficult to eat. If it is suspected that the bars have become heated and softened too much, placing in them the refrigerator for ten minutes to firm them up before opening the package is probably a wise idea.

Where to buy Met Rx Meal Bars

For a low price and good customer service, Amazon seems to be an excellent choice for buying Met Rx Big 100 Meal Bars.

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