Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill Review

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If you love walking, jogging and running but sometimes need to stay indoors, then the Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill is the perfect solution for weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. Use this treadmill in the comfort of your home or office and don’t worry about the weather or trying to get to the gym.

How Does The Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill Work?

The Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill runs on 1.25 continuous horsepower with speeds varying from one to ten miles per hour. It can go up to a ten percent incline. In order to absorb the impact on your knee, it comes with the branded Aerosoft cushioning system. Anybody up to 250 pounds can use its 18” × 45” running area.

The computerized monitor panel has three sections: one in the center and two on either side. There are calculators that tell the speed, distance covered and resistance level. The thumb pulse heart rate monitor keeps track of your heartbeat.

Further, there are two cup holders and a little ledge designed for a book. The four preset programs − manual, intervals, rolling hills and weight loss − enable you to choose what exercise works best for you. Also, there are five “quick keys” and five “quick interval keys.” This 139-pound machine comes with a two-year warranty on the motor, a 90-day warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Does The Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill Work?


Users of the Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill find it a smooth-running and quiet machine. The controls are easy to operate and the machine responds readily. It is sturdily built and people find it easy to use. The slow start up and slow down feature gives the user ample time to adjust the speed in the beginning and at the end. The cushioning on the track effectively absorbs the pressure and impact while jogging, protecting your knees. The top panel has sufficient space for keeping water, an iPod and a book so you can read or listen to your tunes while exercising.

How Much Will I Lose?

User Mel A. says the product, after a couple of months, is “still working great, lost 10 pounds!” Lacey Lynch is “trying to lose baby weight” and her “husband is shedding his sympathy weight.” Roxy shares, “My nephew already lost a considerable amount of weight, and the treadmill is working brilliantly.”

Pros and Cons


  • Assembly is surprisingly easy
  • Machine runs quietly
  • Feels sturdy, not cheap


  • Sometimes nuts and bolts don’t fit properly
  • Takes up a lot of space and is difficult to move
  • Company does not always provide satisfactory customer service

Problems And Complaints

People have encountered problems while assembling it. They complain that the pre-drilled holes are not aligned perfectly and, therefore, it takes a while to assemble it. Some have also found it hard to lubricate its base the first time. Finding the on and off button is also not easy. Its location is inconvenient. There are no reference marks to tell where it is. Although it is good for people of average height, its deck might be a little low for people above six feet.

With a price tag of just $399 and all the essential functions, this machine gives you the same exercising experience as more expensive treadmills. The Merit Fitness 725T has beaten its competitors on affordability without compromising on functionality. Despite some people facing initial set-up difficulties, the same people have later found it to be a very useful and durable asset. All in all, this machine is a good value for the money.

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