Melon Extract Extramel Prevents Obesity From High Fat Diet.

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There has been an exciting breakthrough for those dieters who have problems avoiding the fat grams in their daily diet. An antioxidant known as Extramel has been shown to have fat burning properties and prevent obesity when given to hamsters fed a high fat diet.

What is Extramel?

Extramel is a supplement that has been made from the extract of melons (rockmelon or cantaloupe, depending on which part of the world you live in) that displayed extra long longevity. The pulp is removed from this particular long lasting melon and converted into a powdered form contained in a capsule.
The extract contains the antioxidant superoxide dismutase, or SOD, which is actually a preventative antioxidant. Other ingredients found in this melon extract include selenium, co-enzyme Q10, caratenoids, catalase, vitamins A,C,E, and glutathione.

Extramel and Weight Loss - The Study.

Researchers from the University of Montpellier, joined with scientists from BioNov, the French company who produce Extramel.  Hamsters were fed a high fat diet and observed for 12 weeks. The hamsters were given varying strengths of Extramel daily, along with a group who received none at all.

The hamsters receiving the highest dose of the melon extract had 29% less body weight at the end of the trial than their counterparts who received none of the extract. Additionally, these hamsters also had reduced insulin resistance by 41%, liver fats (lipids) were decreased by 73%, abdominal fats were decreased by 25%, and blood insulin levels were reduced by 39%. All of these factors are recognized as being causes of obesity.

A protein hormone, adiponectin, which assists with fat and glucose metabolism, was increased by 29%. Researchers came to the conclusion that consuming the melon extract daily was significant in preventing obesity caused by consuming a diet high in fats.

The reason hamsters were used for the study is that apparently they develop atherosclerosis (fat deposits in blood vessels) in much the same manner as humans. This melon extract supplement has also been shown to be effective for counteracting fatigue and stress.

Melon extract has been proven to dramatically reduce the unhealthy side effects that lead to obesity as a consequence of ingesting foods high in fat. Burn fat and have more energy? Sounds ideal to me.

New source for extramel is Tripernol Plus

New to the supplement market, Tripernol Plus, a green lipped mussel oil supplement, has recently added curcumin and extramel. Tripernol Plus has two powerful natural anti-inflammatories and the addition of extramel offers lower stress levels and increased vitality. A powerful supplement.

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This is interesting, I didn't know extramel was also tied to weight loss. I am learning more about it because it is in a supplement I've been taking called Lifeshotz from 21Ten, and there do not seem to be many other products that have it (yet). Thanks for sharing.

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