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This is an interview of Sarah Salgado from El Paso, Texas who visited Juarez, Mexico to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

In this interview, which was recorded on video, Sarah and her husband Tony share their conquest over obesity. Following Sarah’s success, her mother also opted for the same procedure.

How Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Changed 3 People’s Lives for the Better

Tony and his wife Sarah made a video to try and help other people and give them a little bit of what they went through. They want to help other people understand what this type of surgery is, how your life is going to change, and how different things can be.

Sarah is 32 years old, a sales person that deals with people all the time, all day and works 6 days a week. Before the surgery, she was having a lot of problems with her health. Back was hurting; knees were bad; and she felt pain in the feet, too.

Sarah was tired all the time. Because of her low self-esteem—a result of her overweight issue—she didn’t use to go out, especially alone. She always had to be with her husband or her son. She enjoyed being a housewife, but she really just didn’t want to go out.

Sarah didn’t go to the movies because she didn’t fit in the chairs, and for her, walking in the theater with popcorn or soda was very uncomfortable. So, here is what she would do. She would go up to the seats, sit down, and not move at all.

She didn’t like to go to parties because she knew that she would have to buy clothes and she could never find any. Sarah always wore dark clothes, mostly black, because dark clothes supposedly make you look small, although she felt that was not true.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Changes Sarah’s Life For the Better

Sarah’s husband, Tony was always conscious of what other people thought of them, and it got to the point where he would hug her and he couldn’t get his arms around her.

Sarah was always in a bad mood. They started to see that they were getting on each others nerves because Tony is not a house person while Sarah loved to be at home. Every time he invited her to go out with him she never wanted to go. That’s when the problem started.

They couldn’t go to their son’s PTA meetings or anything at school because Sarah didn’t want to be around people. She would get panic attacks if she was around other people.

In addition to her weight problem, Sarah was suffering from colonitis and gastritis. She had been seeing Dr. Natura for around three years because of it. It was a constant thing; it was every two or three weeks. It got to the point where they decided to ask if there was anything they could do to prevent it, because it started getting more constant. That was when the doctor told them about the gastric sleeve surgery. They decided to research it and see what the complications were and it ended up being to their favor.

After the surgery, Sarah’s doctor would go to see how she was doing and he would talk to the nurses.

Within the first month they began to see changes. Sarah lost 30 pounds. She could feel the change as she started getting her energy back; she saw that there was life outside of the house.

Before the surgery there were no mirrors in the house; only those that allow you to see yourself from the neck up. If she passed by a mirror or saw her reflection in a window she would never stay and look. Now she looks and can’t believe it’s her, and she has to go back and look at herself again. Sometimes people stare at her because she does that, but now she likes the way she looks and most important, she likes the way she feels.

Sarah now likes to go out and says “yes” to parties and cook outs to be with friends and family.

Sarah has a 16 year old son who wouldn’t have his friends come over to his mother’s house because his mother felt very uncomfortable. Now Sarah likes to be around him and his friends. She likes the way their mom’s look at her. His friend’s mom’s look at her and can’t believe that she has a 16 year old son because of how she looks, feels, and acts around them now.

Sarah’s Drops Sizes Drastically

It’s just funny how from a size 24 she went to a size 8, says Tony, Sarah’s husband.

“You kind of catch yourself when you do laundry, seeing the difference in size. She’s almost the same size as my son now. When you hold up a piece of her clothing you think there is no way this is going to fit.”

Sarah says that now when they go on vacation even their luggage is smaller. She says that she doesn’t look in the mirror to see how she’s feeling but noticed that on a given day she doesn’t have a headache, and then another day, another week her feet felt better, she could walk more. It took her two months to feel good about her feet.

Right now she gets up and she doesn’t believe it’s her. She has never been that small in 32 years. Now people ask if her 16 year old son is her brother.

Sarah has been working at the same place for 14 years and people that have known her can’t believe it, they can’t believe it’s her. They know it is her because they recognize her voice or think that maybe since she no longer wears glasses that maybe it is her sister. Other people will ask another employee if that is the same girl that used to work there.

Sarah’s Mom Decides to Do Gastric Sleeve As Well

Sarah said that her mom didn’t wait to see what would happen, but since they work together she saw how people were saying how good Sarah was looking and losing weight, and how her face looked younger and cleaner.

Then Sarah’s mother decided to do the surgery. Tony says that his mother in law also suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It was everyday and she was going to the doctor every week. Today, it is basically all gone.

Sarah’s mother was also always in a bad mood, worse than Sarah was, but now she’s different. She used to go shopping to make herself happy and now she goes shopping because she is happy.

“I ask my husband to hug me because I like to feel that he can with one hand” says Sarah laughing. Tony explains that it takes patience, support, and strong will. You also have to want it. If you don’t want it, it won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Tony wouldn’t have recommended it to somebody if he hadn’t gone through it first. He has actually gone through it twice with his wife and his mother in law.

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