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Stay in Shape with these Brilliant Fitness Hacks Pro Surfers Swear By

You are what you eat. As cliché as it sounds, the saying is literally true and there is a strong link between nutrition and performance. We all know that, but we also know how hard it is to keep to a diet and stick to an exercising routine. It can be exhausting, not to mention boring. 

For pro athletes, their bodies are their moneymakers. Therefore, they need to pay attention to how they treat them so that they’re always in peak condition for the next competition and photo shoot. Surfing is no exception. Through their enviable rockin’ bodies, healthy lifestyle, clean eating habits and sustainable choices, pro surfers have become health ambassadors. They are the voices that people listen to, and you won’t ever get bored of taking their advice.

Surfers and non-surfers can take inspiration from these people’s approach to fitness and nutrition and be inspired by their motivation and determination in reaching their goals. Read these fitness tips from the world’s best surfers and find out what it takes to build a toned beach body and a surfing world champ.

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Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a difficult time. As well as hormonal and physical changes occurring, many women also struggle with their appetites. It's different for everyone, but the sickness and dehydration typically associated with the first trimester can cause a loss of appetite for some women. However, as the baby grows and develops, the food cravings can start and, especially for those who are usually very active, many women find that they eat more as the pregnancy affects their mobility and energy levels.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet during this period is vital for both mother and baby, and some types of food should be avoided.


Raw or Undercooked Eggs and Meat

Raw or undercooked eggs carry the risk of salmonella, a dangerous form of food poisoning. This can cause vomiting, nausea, dehydration and diarrhoea, and the shock on the body can even cause preterm labour. Raw eggs can be more common than most people realise, as it is found in the likes of cookie and cake batters, salad dressings and some improperly cooked meals, like egg fried rice.

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Workout Tips from Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda was old school before old school existed. He was an innovator in the bodybuilding world and was given the name the 'Iron Guru'. During his time as a gym owner and trainer he was more well-known than anyone for churning out great physiques from his Hollywood gym.

How did he achieve this? In some cases it was the pure genius of exercises he used and what some thought of as bizarre training methods.

vince gironda

Photo: Vince Gironda - best trainer ever

The man himself was a form of inspiration because he sculpted his own body to look a certain way for maximum visual appeal. By the same token, when he had people do exercises it was for a certain reason. Similarly, when he had people not do exercises it was to avoid a certain result.

This style of lifting is purely for looks such as bodybuilding and not athletic pursuits. But, if your goal is to look better then check out these great exercises the master used to mold people's physiques.

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5 Pizza Toppings for the Health Conscious Consumers

Delicious toppings and gooey, cheesy goodness make pizza one of my favorite foods of all time. With all the possible toppings that a pizza can have, it's definitely not a boring food. But when I'm dieting, I try to avoid eating pizzas because of the carbohydrate content.

Sometimes, however, I succumb to this yummy temptation, and my efforts to lose weight go down the drain. Still, because I love pizza and I need to diet, I figured that I had to come up with a food plan.

Maybe there are healthier pizzas out there? What about toppings? Maybe, by opting for more nutritious toppings, I could more or less stick to my diet regime. Luckily, deciding on pizza toppings is not an exact science. Rather, it's an exciting adventure wherein you can truly explore your preferences.

In my quest to discover healthier pizzas, I found out a few things about toppings. Let's see what food items are actually good to have on top of a pizza.

Vegetable Pizza w/ Whole Wheat Crust

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Where Are the Germiest Spots in Your Office?

Once in a while, you have the penchant for cleaning your cubicle or workspace, but unless the rest of your office is germ-free, you are most likely carrying another person's microbes back to your desk.

Have you ever wondered how cough and colds get around your office? Cough and colds spread in the office because you and your co-workers are carrying loads of bacteria and germs with you. For this reason, a lot of studies suggest giving an elevator button or the bathroom faucet a good cleaning first before actually using it.

While coexisting with microbes and germs is a natural and sometimes necessary part of life, there are still germs that can cause viruses and diseases. It is vital to be aware of the hotspot for germs in your office to avoid carrying the germs with you.

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How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

People say that eating healthy is difficult because these nutritious foods are so much more expensive than the unhealthy ones. While this might be true for certain products, there are certainly ways in which you can eat healthy on even the tightest of budgets.

In Season Produce

When food is in short supply, the prices are obviously going to go up. Stock up on fruits and vegetables when they are in season so that you do not have to pay extra high prices. As the seasons change, so will the vegetables. You'll be able to taste a whole new array of foods without burning a major hole in your wallet.


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Tailored Down Workout Expectations for New Dads

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give to guys when they announce that they are soon going to be a father; exercise hard now. More often than not I get a funny look and a lack of understanding. Its okay, I have been there. But then I have also been where they will be in about ten months.

Being a new parent is hard. Aside from learning all of these new things and an increased level of responsibility for the new person you have brought into the world, your schedule takes a complete 180 flip and free time quickly becomes a thing of the past. Sleepless nights, vending machine lunches because you forgot to go shopping, and a million other things completely destroy most people's semblance of a healthy lifestyle.

Father and son

You have to cut back on parts of your life because suddenly you just don't have the time or energy. Often times one of the first things that get shoved off to the side is health and fitness goals. Honestly it takes a while for things to shift into a comfortable new schedule that works for both you and your spouse. Plus usually people are so tired most of the time in the beginning that sleep sounds a lot better than the gym.

So what can you do to get ahead of the curve and try and keep yourself in shape?

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Don't Neglect the Slow Twitch Fibers

Everyone knows the basic rule for size; go heavy or go home! It is a mantra touted by everyone because for the most part it is true. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are worked during explosive movements. Using heavy weight in exercises for slow reps is a key to building up these fibers. Plus they have a much greater capacity for growth than their slow-twitch counterparts that are used primarily in endurance activities.

But that doesn't mean they don't grow at all.

Natural Bodybuilding Supplements

Any Growth is Useful

If your overall goal is to gain muscle size along with strength should you be overly picky exactly where that size comes from? We aren't talking about bulking up your entire body with excess fat to look bigger, but actually increasing the size of your muscles. Imagine the potential for growth in your muscle is like a long balloon. Blow it up to about 70 percent capacity. That is about as big as it is going to get from working just your fast-twitch fibers. Now blow it up the rest of the way. That extra bit is size gained from working the slow-twitch fibers as well.

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Six Tips For Dieting Without The Headaches

Between forced starvation and absolute bans on their favourite foods, it seems that the dieting plans of many dieters are a little on the masochistic side. Though it might surprise many to hear this, dieting doesn’t actually need to be hell.

Provided you know what you are doing, it is possible to shed the pounds without torturing yourself. It’s all about dieting smart rather than dieting hard. Here are six simple tips for doing just that.

Eat Five Meals Per Day

If you want to drop weight, cutting your calories makes sense. Cutting the number of meals that you eat however certainly does not. If anything, you should increase that number.

Provided you keep your portions small, you can easily eat five meals a day and still lose weight. Just calculate what you can eat on a given day and divide it by five. The more you space things out, the less time you are going to feel hungry.

Cut Out Alcohol

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Tips to Battling Stress without Breaking a Sweat

Everyday of our lives we are subjected to stress – be it due to our career, family, or other personal endeavors. There are a lot of factors that can potentially cause us stress, and if we are unable to prevent it from worsening, we may fall ill, consequently falling short of the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of us. Fortunately, as inevitable as stress may seem, fighting it is actually possible. The common misconception, however, is that it takes going the extra mile and spending the extra bucks to be able to reduce the stress levels in our systems. While there may be a little truth to that, it is not always necessary. There are, as a matter of fact, ways in which you can battle stress without having to bend over backwards.

Where does it start?

The most common trend in attaining rest and relaxation nowadays is to head to the nearest spa clinic in town. There, we can avail of services that will rejuvenate all of our senses, relieving the body of any mental or physical stress. However, hitting the spa can be an additional inconvenience especially if there is no spa clinic available in your area; another thing is that it can also be an additional expense which may not be too enticing for the cost-cutters. The good news is that attaining the same rejuvenating experience we get from spas is possible in our very home.

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