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5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

If you are one of the millions of people across the world that struggles with losing weight, or even just toning up, there is probably a very good explanation for it. We understand that everybody is different in terms of body shape, physical ability, diet and lifestyle, but by putting our 5 golden rules into practice you are sure to begin seeing a noticeable loss in weight within a month.

It all starts with engaging in regular exercise and cutting down on calorific intake – there is no rocket science behind the premise of losing weight; it’s just putting it into practice where many of us go wrong.

1. Do not eat late at night

Studies have shown that those who eat later at night are considerably more likely to put on weight, or struggle to lose existing weight, than those who do not. According to this article by the BBC ( it is proven that there is in fact a “wrong” time to eat. Avoid eating in late evening and certainly avoid midnight snacks as this has been linked to obesity.

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