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Bariatric Surgery Harmful Effects: Bone Loss and Fracture

Obesity rates continue to rise, and more and more people are seeking and even being encouraged by their doctors to undergo surgery to reduce their weight. The potential benefits are widely recognized—the risk of diabetes, premature death, heart attack and stroke associated with obesity are all greatly decreased. But there is also a potential for some less desirable outcomes which may not be fully understood.

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If You Are An Overweight Girl You Are Less Likely To Use Condoms, Study Finds

A new research study of the sexual behavior of teenage girls finds that high-risk sexual activities are apparently affected not only by girls’ actual weight but also by their perceptions about their weight—whether accurate or not. According to the study “girls who perceived themselves as overweight were less likely to have ever had sex”.

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Why Does Atkins Work So Fast? A Study Of Obese Diabetics

It is generally recognized that people who choose weight-loss approaches based on lowering carbohydrate consumption can lose weight remarkably quickly. It’s not so generally clear why. Speculation has centered on the possibility that lower carbohydrates lead to less water retention, to a higher metabolism rate, or simply to boredom with eating due to the food restrictions.

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Exercise And Bone Loss: Losing Weight Without Exercise Puts Bones at Risk Study Finds

The statistics on overweight and obesity for the United States population are staggering, and weight loss programs are being prescribed and attempted by ever-increasing numbers. While most weight loss programs tend to recommend a combination of diet and exercise for the best results, many people are still attracted to the idea of losing weight without exercise. Are they making a serious mistake and putting their bone health at risk?

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Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston - Perfecting the Body After Weight-Loss Surgery

Anyone who has succeeded in the tremendously difficult challenge of losing a significant amount of weight—whether through diet and exercise alone or through the one of the various surgical weight loss methods now available—receives the immediate rewards of improved health and well-being, increased life expectancy, relief from a bunch of weight-related disabilities, and huge sense of personal accomplishment.

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Can Weight Loss Cure Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea poses a serious health risk to millions of people in the United States—estimates range from 12 million to 20 million—many of whom don’t even know they have it.

The disruptive snoring which often first alerts sufferers (or their partners) may be the most obvious and irritating symptom, but the potential consequences of this severe sleep disturbance are far more dangerous and debilitating. People with sleep apnea are at increased risk for high blood pressure and stroke, have a 30% higher risk of heart attack or premature death, and can suffer significant memory loss, high blood pressure, and seizures. Their daily quality of life is also degraded by several sleep deprivation.

Because patients who report sleep apnea are often overweight, doctors have generally assumed that the conditions are linked and that these patients should concentrate above all on losing weight. But actual research to support and quantify that treatment recommendation has been scarce. According to Gary Foster of the Temple University Center for Obesity Research and Education, “There are very few studies that show whether the recommended amount of weight loss—about 10 percent—is enough to sufficiently improve sleep apnea.”

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How To Get Affordable Tummy Tucks For an Inexpensive Great Look

Get Your Tummy Tucked Affordably—South of the Border

Health travel, or medical tourism, has long been accepted and popular in Europe, and is starting to catch on in the U.S. and Canada too—particularly for elective procedures not covered by health insurance, such as most kinds of cosmetic surgery.

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REALIZE Lap Band vs Gastric Bypass: Differences in Nutritional Needs

Patients trying to choose which surgical weight loss method - gastric bypass, LAP-BAND or REALIZE Band - is most appropriate for them have important nutritional issues to consider, according to the experts at a New Jersey medical center which specializes in the treatments.

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Solo Slim Side Effects: Weighing The Benefits And The Risks

It’s every dieter’s dream: To lose weight while still enjoying favorite foods instead of bland, tasteless meals. That’s exactly what many users of these natural diet pills have been able to do. While little is known about Solo Slim side effects, consumers who use it report that losing weight is easier and quicker. They also prefer it because they take just one pill a day, and it has no ephedra or caffeine.

This weight loss supplement contains several herbs and nutrients that help to suppress appetite, boost energy, and reduce cravings. But having natural ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harmless. As an herbal supplement it isn’t classified as a drug and the FDA doesn’t evaluate it. This can make it tricky for consumers to figure out the side effects of Solo Slim.

Most users report only mild reactions in the first few days, such as dry mouth, problems sleeping and headaches. But in August 2008, The Hong Kong Department of Health issued a warning about some of Solo Slim’s ingredients because they may increase blood pressure, and cause chest pains and seizures. Here’s some general info on the ingredients and the problems they may pose.

What Type Of Side Effects Have You Experienced With Solo Slim?

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