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There are a number of reasons why you might want to use a mini exercise cycle rather than a full size machine. One of the reasons might be lack of space in your home, but another reason would be physical limitations.

Those who have suffered injury, illness, or are recovering from surgery could certainly benefit from exercise, but are often unable to do so. When it is difficult to exercise normally, from age or disability, it usually results in further debility. Circulation becomes sluggish and muscles begin to atrophy where there is little or no exercise.

Fortunately, the "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" can provide good exercise for anyone who cannot exercise otherwise. This small bike is also a great way to exercise while sitting at your computer at work.

What Is The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" About?

The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" can help nearly anyone get valuable exercise, regardless of their physical condition, the size of their home, or their working hours. This exercise bike is designed to allow you to tone and firm muscles, increase circulation, and burn calories.

The small size of this device means that it can easily be used while sitting at the computer at work, watching television at home, or by those who are disabled in any way. People who have difficulty using a regular exercise cycle will be pleased with the "MagneTrainer Bike".

This exerciser has an adjustable resistance, so you can find the level that best suits you, and a digital display that tell you how many calories you have burned, how ‘far’ you have cycled, how fast you moved, and how long you were using the machine.

Velcro straps help keep your feet on the pedals and there is a stability strap that will allow you to attach the "MagneTrainer" to you chair or couch to prevent slipping during an energetic session.

What Are Others Saying – Does The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" Really Deliver?

Fiona was looking for a workout comparable to one she would get on a recumbent bike at the gym, and she found that the "MagneTrainer" definitely provides such a workout. Her small apartment has no space for a larger exerciser, so she has found this mini bike to be perfect, and says, “I definitely recommend it.

Health problems meant that JessicaTheKat”Meow” was unable to exercise and was losing the flexibility in her legs. Fortunately, the "MagneTrainer" was able to help with this problem and this reviewer was also able to state that it, “warms my feet, improves my circulation and helps move the water out of my legs.” Her husband, who has no problems with his health, also enjoys using the exerciser, especially when the weather does not permit his usual bike ride.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) means that Shelley needs exercise for her upper body as well as her legs. While a treadmill is good for the lower half, it did nothing for her arms and chest. Using the "MagneTrainer", however, lets her get a good workout for her upper half.

This user finds that, “this "Mini Exercise Bike" works wonders for building upper muscles, thus increasing my lung capacity, making it easier to breathe.” She also finds that it runs very smoothly and quietly.

Will The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" Really Help Me Exercise, Regardless Of My Condition?

You can be assured that if you are capable of any exercise whatsoever that you will be able to use the MagneTrainer. Cordell E. Logan uses his "MagneTrainer Mini Bike" with his oxygen therapy and finds that it will provide exercise almost regardless of the physical condition of the user.

Those who have had to curtail their activities due to conditions such as plantar fasciitis will be happy to learn that this exercise device will help them remain active until their problem improves.

Pros and Cons


  • The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" can help people exercise even if they are physically disabled.
  • This device can also be used at work to help burn calories and tone muscles.
  • The "MagneTrainer" is a sturdy exerciser
  • It takes up little space, so is good for those with a small apartment or house.
  • The digital display keeps track of your progress.
  • The "MagneTrainer" runs very smoothly and quietly.
  • It can be used for both arms and legs.


  • A few people had difficulty assembling the exerciser.
  • It is rather high in price.
  • The pedal straps were thought to be inadequate by some.

Problems and Complaints

Most of those who purchased the "MagneTrainer" were very pleased with the machine. What complaints there were generally revolved around the tendency of the cycle to slip when used on certain surfaces.

Some users also complained that the pedal straps were not wide enough, and some thought the base was not wide enough for good stability.

Is The "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" Better Than The Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle?

The "MagneTrainer" definitely seems to be the better product. The Stamina cycle was considered by some of its users to be noisy, have a jerky motion, and produce enough heat to cause a burn on your leg should you touch the pedal bars with your bare skin.

There were only two resistance settings on the Stamina as well, which limited the strength of the workout. While the Stamina does cost significantly less, the MagneTrainer will probably last longer and give you fewer problems.

How Does It Rate Overall?

As a reflection of its quality, the "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" received 4.3 out of 5 stars. This is a quality machine that can help those with disabilities get some exercise. It should not be thought of as a device that would be used only by those with physical problems, it also works great for those who want to exercise at work or while relaxing.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase the "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" at a 19% discounted price on Amazon, where you will find that great price reductions are currently in effect. This device is in stock and is offered at a real savings over the usual list price. You can also read more reviews and become better acquainted with the exerciser.

It’s amazing, equipment which

It’s amazing, equipment which you describe here are very nice. The most effective feature which I like most is that they can be used anywhere. There is no need of giving extra time for doing exercise with this equipment.

3d enovation is very usefull.

3d enovation is very usefull.

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