Luna Bars Review - All Natural Nutrition Packed Bars for Women

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For those of you out there looking to lose weight this year, the many different nutritional bars, supplements and formulas can seem overwhelming. I felt the same way, wondering just how to narrow down my choices and decide which products work and which ones don’t.

Luna Bars are one of the few nutritional bars on the market toda that have received excellent reviews.

How Do Luna Bars Work?

Luna Bars are made by Clif Bar and made for women specifically. These bars come in many flavors including Chocolate Peppermint Stick and are only 180 calories.

These bars contain the high nutritional value that active women need including calcium, protein, antioxidants and folic acid to name a few. Each of these ingredients has a purpose to help you lose weight and become a well-rounded healthy person.

What Are Others Saying - Do Luna Bars Really Deliver?

Luna Bars are a delicious way to get your protein, lower your calorie intake and feel good about what you’re eating.

Linda Carmichael is a reviewer on Amazon who has nothing but good to say about this product. The great thing about Luna Bars is that their flavors make you feel as if you’re eating a decadent treat even though you’re actually eating a protein bar.

This reviewer says, “These bars are packed with protein and made with natural ingredients so you actually feel good eating them!”

Beverly had bariatric surgery and lost 170 pounds. “it wouldn't have been possible without the Luna bars”, she says, as these bars contain more vitamins and minerals (two necessary nutrients for weight loss surgery patients) than the ones her doctor was promoting.

It's like eating a candy bar for a snack!”, says a former colitis patient who finds that Luna Bars are the perfect (tasty) way to get your soy protein.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

When it comes to nutritional bars such as the Luna Bar the best way to ensure you see results is through repetition and consistency.

If you only eat one bar every few weeks you’re never going to see results or know if the results came from the bars or not. Eating one Luna Bar a day can help you resist the urge to eat unhealthy snacks and build up your protein for the next day’s workout.

Side Effects

Are there any side effects that come with the Luna Bar you ask? Well, to date there have been no reports of side effects experienced with Luna Bars. There is not enough proteins and vitamins within the bar itself to create an adverse effect for the majority of people who try them.

It’s important to note here that this bar does contain traces of peanuts and large amount s of soy. Allergies to either of these can trigger side effects and symptoms.

Pros and Cons


  • High nutritional value in one small bar
  • Many different flavors to choose from
  • Only 180 calories per bar make it a perfect snack


  • Some reviewers did not like the taste of the bars, no matter what the flavor
  • They can be expensive if you plan on eating them on a regular basis
  • Can taste too sweet for some people

Problems and Complaints

Some of the biggest problems I found with the Luna Bars through Amazon reviews were the taste. There are many people who say they love the taste of Luna Bars but there are just as many people who say they hated the taste.

It is not necessarily any one specific flavor but more the aftertaste and sweetness of the bars that turned people off.

On another note, there were some comments about the price of Luna Bars. It’s a great suggestion made by several of the reviewers to try one single bar first before buying an entire case so you don’t waste your money if you don’t like the flavour or bar altogether.

Can Men Eat Luna Bars too?

Luna Bars are targeted and marketed towards women but there is nothing in the bar that will harm a man who wants to try one. They don’t contain nearly the same amount of protein as a regular protein bar so as a man you may not be getting the correct amounts but they can be nice for a change from the norm.

How Do Luna Bars Rate Overall?

Luna Bars have received excellent reviews on Amazon and have been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. There were a few people who did not like the taste of the bars and this were some points were lost. When it comes to protein bars it can be an acquired taste but overall, Luna Bars are a very successful product.

Where Can I Buy & Read More Reviews for Luna Bars?

Amazon is by far the best place to not only buy Luna Bars but to read through more than 200 different reviews. The price on Amazon is the same as the price at local stores, buy Amazon offers free shipping and no tax.

By reading through these reviews you can get an honest idea as to what people just like you think about the product.

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Luna Bars - Organic Ingredients

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