Louisiana Insurance That Would Cover Lap Band Surgery

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If you are looking to have lap surgery in Louisiana you may be seeking insurance approval for your weight loss surgery. There is a number of insurance companies that offer bariatric surgery coverage in Louisiana.

Below you can find insurance companies and some state or federal programs that have covered bariatric patients who were operated by The Surgical Specialists in Louisiana.

Aetna – PPO (LA)
A patient used this company’s coverage plan in March 24 2004 and was very satisfied with them: “It was a joy dealing with my Aetna PPO”. They require that you see first a dietitian. The doctor will provide them with the necessary paperwork. One of their major criteria is that your BMI is above 40.

Aetna PPO – PPO (LA)
According to a patient who used Aetna in April 2006, Aetna requires that you follow a pre-operative diet for 90 days before you get approved.

American Life Care – Gilsbar (LA)
When Nila S. applied for coverage with American Life Care in May 2004 they told her she had to be on a diet and behavior modification program for a year in order to get approved. Thankfully, without even being aware of this requirement, she had already been on a 2-year diet program with her gynecologist. “For the most part I would have to say they are pretty great”, Nila comments in the obesityhelp.com forum where she shares her experience.

American Life Care – PPO (LA)
Unlike Nila S (see above), Terri G. was not asked to follow a 1-year diet plan before she was cleared for surgery. She was only told to go through a psychiatric evaluation test. Her letter and approval were handled very well from the insurance company

American Lifecare/Beechstreet – PPO (LA)
Nikki C. who was approved by American Lifecare recommends that you pick up the phone and call the insurance while waiting to get approved. Sometimes, things get lost under stacks of folders. In her case, after a lengthy period waiting to get approved, she called the insurance and asked them to contact her doctor, which they did. A few minutes later, she was approved!

Anthem Blue Cross – PPO (LA)
Another patient’s experience was similar to Nikki’s. Anthem Blue Cross lost the patient’s papers 2 times and the candidate had to call them multiple times before she got approved.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
BCBS has been one of the first insurers in the US to officially recognize centers of excellence for bariatric surgery. However, surgeons must meet strict qualifications to be considered as a center of excellence.

Patients testimonials in forums show that most people get approved by BCBS. The consensus however is that the insurance does not cover all the expenses. Cases have been reported where the insurance paid a maximum of $10,000 and the petient had to pay the rest.

Consolidated Health Plans - PPO plus (LA)
Deanna B was approved for surgery within two weeks of sending her doctor’s letter to the company in August 2003

Coventry Federal (LA)
According to a patient’s experience, Coventry started paying for gastric bypass in 2003. They require a 3-month medically directed diet and psychiatric testing.

For more information on companies that can insure gastric band patients in Louisiana and  for more patients' testimonials visit obesityhelp.com

The Surgical Specialists of Louisiana have a team of seven advocacy experts in their Surgical Specialists group. This team works full-time to actively support patients who are in need of weight loss surgery insurance approval. If you decide to undergo lap band with the Surgical Specialists of Louisiana, one of the seven advocacy experts will contact your insurance representative. They will walk you through the often confusing network of bariatric surgery insurance and take care of insurance verification and other insurance needs.

Same experience here. I have

Same experience here. I have several issues related to my size that call for frequent office visits and would be drastically reduced if I were able to have weight loss surgery. However, even the top weight loss surgeon in my area has said that my insurance won't touch the bill for the procedure. Therefore, I have to continue to do it on my own while my health is failing rapidly.

Incorrect information

I cannot speak for any other insurance provider than this, you are dead wrong on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana specifically excludes Lap Band Coverage in ALL policies and under any circumstance including life or death situations.

It would be easier to get the author of this article to pay for your lap band than to get BCBS or Louisiana.

i just got off the phone with

i just got off the phone with BCBS of LA - no type of weight loss, fat removal or excess skin removal is covered. Is not covered even with 3 doctor recommendations.

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