Lose Weight with just a pair of Hiking Boots and a Backpack

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People go to great lengths – to extremes, even – just to lose weight. Sometimes, their chosen method works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some get fast results; for others, it may take months before the desired effects become apparent. But sometimes, it is better to keep things simple. It is, after all, the small things that are often overlooked. Take hiking, for instance. It’s not as complicated as other sports or weight-loss regimens. However, you will be surprised how this simple activity could give you so many benefits when it comes to losing weight, and even more.

Hiking on Any Day Keeps the Pounds Away

It is simple enough. Make hiking a regular habit and watch all that excess weight disappear. Here are some points to ponder about how hiking can affect weight loss.

  • Fast Burning of Calories: Calories are the bane of every weight-watcher’s existence especially when he consumes more than he can burn. Depending on his body weight, combined with the hiking trail or route, the speed he is going and the amount of gear he is carrying, he can burn 350 to 500 calories for each hour of hiking.
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels: Achieving weight loss goes hand in hand with preventing weight gain which, in turn, is associated with high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Engaging in physical activity such as hiking will help the good cholesterol increase and stop the bad cholesterol from building up in the blood vessels, restricting the other bodily processes that prevent toxins and excess fat from being stored, thereby causing all that excess weight we work so hard to get rid of.
  • A Clearer Mind: Imagine this, no crowded gyms, no loud noises; there is only you and nature. Contrary to what many people originally thought, exercise can be very relaxing and stress-reducing, and you can have the best of both worlds through hiking. A clearer mind gives rise to a better disposition and attitude towards things and, in turn, a positive attitude will strengthen one’s motivation to lose weight.

No Worries, No Hassles in Hiking

There are other reasons why you should choose this simple form of exercise over the more expensive programs being introduced lately.The usage of promo codes makes hiking a very inexpensive way of loosing weight. Many outdoor merchants issue on-line coupons with which you can save money from your hiking gear purchases. For example backcountry.com and outdoorplay.com along with moosejaw.com are currently among the best. Other benefits of hiking, apart from low cost are the following.

  • No age or gender bias: Anyone can take up hiking, whether as a sport, a hobby, or a weight loss measure. No one said you cannot do it just because you are over 40 years old, just as no one said you cannot do it because you are female!
  • Low to No injuries: Since there are no tools or complicated gadgets to be used and no machines to brace yourself against, the incidences of you having injuries while hiking is very minimal. You only need to make sure you take the extra precautions before setting out, and that includes wearing the proper shoes, the suitable clothes and hiking gear.
  • Set your own Pace: Hiking can be done at your own pace. Choose the hiking route and the speed with which you will tackle it, adjusting it accordingly when you feel like you can handle tougher terrain and longer hike periods.
  • Low maintenance: All you need is a trusty pair of hiking boots that will take you from simple trails to more complicated routes and trails, and a sturdy backpack that can hold a change of clothes, some food supply, and other camping gear. If you have those, you’re on your way to losing weight while having fun!

Keep it Simple

Why make things complicated when, with just a couple of items, you can accomplish a goal in a much faster and more enjoyable way? Forget the usual weight-loss schemes that, more often than not, stress you out and make you cranky while not really ensuring much success. Go hiking now!

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