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One of the longest serving and popular diet pills in the UK weight loss market place is Lipobind. Lipobind has been available to buy over the counter without the need for doctor consultation for several years. It is both natural and pretty much side effect free. The manufacturers, Goldshield are proud to point out that their flagship diet product is the best selling diet pill in Great Britain.

The success of the product is in its simplicity, how the product works and the clever use of believable celebrity endorsements from familiar faces that were in obvious need of weight loss help.

Former Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin, TV and radio broadcaster Katy Hill and ex page three glamour girl Melinda Messenger are among the famous users who have found weight loss success with Lipobind.

How Does Lipobind Work?

Lipobind is a fat binder, without delving too deeply into the science of its mechanics, it can stop or prevent a portion of fat content from food consumed. This fat content is stopped from being absorbed by the digestive system and can be passed naturally out of the body by bowel movements. The manufacturers claim that approximately a quarter of fat content from consumed food can be removed and so daily calorie consumption can be greatly reduced.

This method is not unlike Alli, a similar product released recently. Alli is produced by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and although prevention of fat absorption is a commonality they are both ends of the spectrum in terms of ingredients. Alli is a chemically man made drug utilizing Orlistat while Lipobind is wholly natural and based around extracts from a cactus.

New Lipobind Formula

As stated previously Lipobind has become a familiar sight with UK dieters and high street stockists such as Superdrug and Boots the Chemist have sold for several years. As with most familiar brands eventually the product needs to freshen up from a marketing perspective. In recent weeks a new Lipobind formula has been released. The new formula is not too dissimilar from the original, the inclusion of additional minerals and vitamins are very much a positive. For more information on the New Lipobind Formula click here.

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