Lipo 6 – Accelerated Fat Loss Formula Review

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Lipo 6 is a product that is generally marketed as a fat burner. It is very popular in body building circles. Its name indicates that it has 6 different ingredients to it - mainly stimulants. It has been purported to help with reducing body fat and appetite and lead to weight loss.

How Does Lipo 6 Accelerated Fat-Loss Formula Work?

Lipo 6 is Nutrex's brand ambassador in the industry of fat burning, rapid weight loss formulas. It comes in bottles of 120 liquid capsules, designed for quick absorption in the body, and hence, fast weight loss.

The capsules should be administered according to the directions provided within the packing itself - start slow and then, increase dosage, taking care not to exceed 6 caplets a day. However, people who are more sensitive to these powerful formulas can also try and see if a lower dose can reap results, especially for women.

What Are Its Fat-Burning Ingredients?

  • Synephrine HCL - 20mg - %
  • Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1: 20mg - %
  • Yohimbe HCL: 3mg - %
  • Caffeine Anhydrous USP: 200mg - %
  • Bioperine: 5mg - %

Lipo 6 does not contain Ephedra. Ephedra is a herb previously used in fat burning formulas, which raised a lot of concern owing to severe side effects (including a number of deaths).


If you are taking any type of medications, it would be better to avoid taking Lipo 6 . "There is a potential of intereraction of your medication with some of the ingredients in this particular supplement" says registered dietitian Cristine Marquette. "If you are perfectly healthy  - you are not taking any type of medication - there isn't necessarily any risk."

Again, if you have heart issues, or if using the Lipo 6 makes your heart beat fast (palpitations), as it did with a few users, you must discontinue usage immediately. It is just not worth the risk.

Do not take Lipo 6 on an empty stomach.

What Others Are Saying - Does Lipo 6 Really Work?

The majority of users who have used Lipo 6 Fat-Loss Formula in conjunction with exercise have seen great results.

M. Sheikh, who is not keen on taking supplements to lose weight, decided to try Lipo 6 only because her brother, a professional bodybuilder, was using it successfully to get ripped before the competitions. M. Sheikh explains:

“Going through the stress of graduate school I gained 20lbs. I've been taking Lipo6 now for about a couple weeks. The first week I lost 4lbs (great!), and it’s been wonderful from there.”

“It controls appetite, provides energy and promotes weight loss”, agrees Amy Perkins, from Austin, Texas, who has been taking the Lipo 6 capsules for 2 years now.

What is great with Lipo 6 is that if you continue using it (assuming that you do not experience any side effects from the caffeine), it will raise your basal metabolic rate, and you will lose weight, or overcome a stubborn plateau.

However, positive results from the use of Lipo 6 are directly dependent on your diet and exercise regime. This does not mean that you need to starve yourself or follow a diet plan. Just do some healthy, intelligent eating and exercise regularly. These pills are actually great to jumpstart a cardio session.

Rbavar, who has recently gained 20 lbs as a result of her emotional eating problem, finds that Lipo 6 helps her control her appetite. She explains:

“I seriously doubt taking it alone without diet or exercise will do anything, BUT the energy boost + appetite suppression is just what I needed. I've been losing 1-2lb/week while using it, not because it's a miracle drug, but because it helps me keep my diet in check. I will stay on it till I reach my weight loss goal.”

Again, as Matthew, from Connecticut, says,

"If you do eat horribly and do not perform some type of exercise, you will gain nothing from Lipo 6."

Will You Lose Weight?

Yes, if you're not a lazy bum, expecting magic. As one reviewer puts it, if you're willing to put in a little effort, it will take you a long way.

Lipo 6 is a powerful fat-burning formula that gets you hyped up. Not only does it increase the amount of fat you burn while resting, it powers up your workout sessions. You achieve more in terms of endurance and weight lifting than what you otherwise would.

How Much Will I Lose?

It depends. Users and testimonials agree that although Lipo 6 controls your appetite and boosts your energy, it will not melt the pounds off by itself. Those who incorporate exercise experience great results and are pleased with the product.

Brian Bolton, from Germany, pays homage to the formula by declaring he's now in the best shape he has ever been in, thanks to taking Lipo 6 and exercising more. In 6 months time, he went down from 225 lbs to 192, because his workouts were more energetic following Lipo 6 usage.

Rassiel lost 15 lbs in two months by combining gym sessions with Lipo 6.

Andrew started exercising regularly, lost good weight but then, seemed to have hit a plateau. That stuck with him for a year till somebody recommended Lipo 6 to him. He finally overcame the twitch, but of course, the fat wasn't melting by itself. He continued his usual exercise routines.

So, in order to reap the maximum benefits, you need to exercise and follow a sensible diet.

Pros and Cons


  • Successful and popular formula - it has been tried and tested by many people.
  • It makes you more energetic without jitters or hard crash ( except a little bit the first days) and enables you to workout more intensely.
  • Curbs your cravings. You don’t feel hungry.
  • It increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is important if you think that we spend more energy cumulatively the 23 hours that we are away from the gym than the 1 hour that we workout. So, having a high BMR, which means burning more while at rest, is a big plus.
  • Easy administration. Smooth caplets, which can easily be swallowed with water.


  • It does have its side-effects: some people experience headaches, dizziness, faintness, sleeplessness, diarrhea, and yet others, increased heart-rate, palpitations and jitters. If you have a heart problem that you are not yet aware of, Lipo 6 can prove to be very harmful. You really, really need to ensure that all is well with that very important muscle.

Lipo 6 Accelerated Fat Loss Formula should be viewed as an aid to a healthy lifestyle; one that includes exercise and a balanced eating routine. It does boost your energy and it will noticeably curb your appetite.

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