Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine Review

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We all know that working out can be a chore. But apart from the basic stamina and commitment required to fit regular workouts into your schedule, you also have to keep an eye on how your body responds to exercise. Too often an effective workout grows tired and repetitive, and your body no longer responds in the desired way, which is to build muscle and burn fat.

An effective way to make sure your workouts never get dated or uninteresting is to utilize a rowing machine. Rowing machines are commonplace in gyms across America because they not only allow you to work out multiple parts of your body simultaneously, but also improve your inner cardiovascular strength. The Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine is one of many such contraptions that claims to give you a “club-quality, whole-body workout in your home.”

How Does the Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine Work?

Like most rowing machines, the Lifecore R88 model works by engaging your entire body throughout the duration of the workout. If you do not like a comprehensive workout or cannot work multiple parts of your body simultaneously, then a rowing machine is not likely to help you in the gym. This is because the rowing machine works out most areas of your body while the exercise is conducted, from your shoulders, arms and chest to your knees, feet and buttocks.

To perform the exercise, simply sit on the seat of the machine, placing your feet on the pads at the bottom, and then perform a rowing motion while gripping the handles at the top of the machine. As you pull the handles toward your torso, your body will fully engage.

What Others Are Saying? Does the Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine Deliver?

The majority of people who have used the Lifecore R88 model have found it to be an effective means to achieving a number of goals, including weight loss, strength training and stress reduction. It also aids in calorie burning and has the added benefit of being a low-impact machine.

You will know your body is responding to the machine if your body begins to become sore a few days after you start using it. The soreness and aching is your body’s way of telling you that muscles are being developed. You should also take this as a cue to take time off from the machine for a day or two to let your muscles recover.

Some consumers, however, have found that the machine is not as effective as advertised the base is not adjustable. This presents a problem for shorter individuals whose legs may not be long enough to perform the workout while seated on the machine.

Is it a Good Exercise For Weight Loss?

You can expect to lose a substantial amount of weight if you incorporate the Lifecore R88 into your exercise regimen. There are, as always, a few variables, including the type of your diet and the intensity of your exercise. Simply using the Lifecore R88 without making healthy adjustments to your diet and reducing your caloric intake will likely not result in any substantial weight loss.

It is important to note that the machine is designed to work out the body to improve overall body strength, not specifically to enable weight loss. You will likely see more benefits from it in terms of keeping in shape or cross-training for an endurance sport such as cross-country skiing, running, biking and (of course) rowing.

Are There Any Dangers?

The only “side effect” resulting from using the Lifecore R88 is the occasional soreness of muscles. You should not use the machine if you suffer from constant soreness in any part of your body or if you have severe arthritis.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid, compact, easy-to-operate construction.
  • Multiple resistance settings.
  • Firm seat bottom.
  • Foldable to store in small space.


  • Monitor is dimly illuminated.
  • Machine’s wheels do not roll easily on carpet.
  • Fan can be noisy during hard rowing.

Problems and Complaints

The most common complaint against the Lifecore R88 is that it is too noisy. Marilyn says that, “I don't notice noise as bad when I am using it, but when someone else is using it in our house, it is loud.” Also, as noted before, some who have shorter legs find that they cannot reach the pedals at the bottom as the distance at which the seat is positioned is not adjustable.


The Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine garners largely favorable reviews from consumers who use it to maintain fitness or to increase their rate of weight loss. Because it works out the entire body, it builds cardiovascular strength better than other exercise machines (i.e. treadmills) that work out fewer parts of the body. It is not, however, suitable for short individuals or for those prone to muscle soreness as it will exacerbate tension on the muscles.

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