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Sometimes, the search for health will include not only weight loss, but a way to improve existing conditions. No one can deny that diet plays a big part not only in how much we weigh, but also in how we feel generally. Dr. Lutz has helped write "Life Without Bread Book" based on 40 years’ experience treating various medical conditions.

"Life Without Bread Book" believes that as humans have evolved away from the hunter-gatherer diet, their health has been negatively impacted by eating grains, and that many of the diseases that currently plagued mankind did not exist when people ate mostly fatty meats, fruits, roots, leafy vegetables, and only very few carbohydrates.

What Is "Life Without Bread" All About?

"Life Without Bread Book" makes the case that many of our health problems, including obesity, result from eating too many foods that are based on grain. Allen and Lutz consider that prehistoric man had little or no access to grains, but was a good deal healthier than people are today.

Dr. Lutz thinks that many diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease, are caused by too many carbohydrates. While "Life Without Bread Book" does cover problems with overweight, much of the book also focuses on how many of today’s ailments can be either cured or alleviated by following a diet based on meats and vegetables.

Some people have achieved very respectable weight loss by using "Life Without Bread Book" as well as improving their health generally.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Life Without Bread Book" Really Deliver?

Living with ulcerative colitis is no fun, as bookloverFLA can testify. However, this reviewer found that by switching to the diet outlined in Life Without Bread, and says, “after 6 weeks and incredible improvement I can say without question that carbohydrates are the root of my illness.” Feeling better after so many years of misery has really made a believer in this diet out of this reader.

Obesity was the problem Silentwind was dealing with, but this user is very pleased with the results achieved by following the Life Without Bread diet. Although Silentwind has been using this diet for only four months, she is able to report that, “I have lost about 20- 25 kg. It really is an incredible effective way to reduce weight!!!” This is a weight loss of about 55 pounds. This reviewer has not had to go on a starvation diet, either.

T.Kyle has used the Life Without Bread diet for over 10 years, and can honestly say that it has made profound and positive changes in his life. After using the diet for only three months this user says, “In less than three months my (10 years ago now) my weight dropped from 205 lbs to 166 lbs (at a height of 6').” Not only that, but his numbers for blood pressure, cholesterol, and creatinine have all improved since he has been on this diet.

Will "Life Without Bread Book" Help Me Lose Weight or Feel Better?

From the reviews on Amazon, it seems that "Life Without Bread Book" can make a very great difference in how much you weigh and how you feel. Those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases such, as colitis or Crohn’s, have often achieved a cure, or at the very least a diminution of their symptoms.

Roger Williams “localroger” was able to lose 20 pounds in just a month, and his blood sugar levels have gone from ‘borderline diabetic’ to the upper end of normal. Most of those who followed this diet, especially those who were experiencing health problems, found that their overall condition definitely improved while using the Life Without Bread diet.

Pros and Cons


  • "Life Without Bread Book" can lead to significant weight loss with no real caloric restrictions.
  • Many people suffering from gastrointestinal ailments found that their condition cleared up after being on the "Life Without Bread Book" diet for only a short amount of time.
  • The book is based on research conducted by Dr. Lutz, who used the principles from the ‘paleolithic’ diet to treat patients over 40 years of practice.
  • No odd ingredients will be needed – you will simply have to increase your use of meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dairy products while cutting back on refined carbohydrates.


  • There seem to be no real cons associated with the book.

Problems and Complaints

No one who actually used the Life Without Bread diet seemed to have any kind of problem with the diet at all. Some people abandoned it because they craved carbohydrates such as bread and cake, but it did not produce any adverse physical problems.

There were some complaints, but these centered around one reviewer thinking that the book was too complex and technical, and one reviewer did not consider that the references were valid.

Is "Life Without Bread Book" Better Than The Cabbage Soup Diet?

While it is true that the Cabbage Soup Diet will peel off some excess pounds very quickly, it simply is not a sustainable diet. It calls for a very restricted number of allowed calories and eating rather vast amounts of cabbage soup.

"Life Without Bread Book" will not cause you to lose 20 pounds in one week, but it will provide a sustainable diet plan that the whole family can use. "Life Without Bread Book" can also help with health problems such as colitis.

How Does It Rate Overall?

"Life Without Bread Book" was very favorably received by those who instituted the diet, and this book received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Almost everyone who used this paleo diet was able to report improvements in both weight and general health. The fact that those in the household will be able to eat this diet means that special preparations are not necessary.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase Life Without Bread at a 35% discounted price on Amazon, where it is currently in stock.  Take advantage of the very attractive price reduction, and start getting your body back into balance. There is no better place than Amazon if you want to take more information about this Book. You can read more reviews for "Life Without Bread" here.

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