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Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench Review | by Cap Barbell

There are plenty of good reasons for getting into shape at home: you will have privacy, you can exercise when you want, and you will be able to save on expensive gym fees. Using dumbbells is one of the best ways to exercise, and the use of a fitness bench can make your exercise regimen more productive.

This exercise bench is great for those just beginning to work out with weights. It is sturdy, yet lightweight, and is perfect for anyone who has space limitations in their house or apartment.

You will find that the "Cap Fitness Bench" is easy on your budget, too, and will allow you to get into shape, and build some muscle, without taking too big a chunk out of your paycheck.

How Does The "Cap Barbell Fitness Bench" Work?

This bench allows you to get the maximum workout when you are new to using weights. The bench is adjustable and allows you to set it one of four ways: flat, incline, decline, and upright. You can also use the "Cap Fitness Bench" without weights for a great cardiovascular workout.

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Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD Review | by Rosa Smith-Montanaro

Anyone who has struggled with a series of diet programs will gradually come to understand that the root of any weight problem resides in the mind. After all, our minds tell the rest of the body what to do, including eating too much.

This is exactly what Rosa addresses in "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD". She understands the reasons why people overeat or eat the wrong foods, and will help you to overcome these problems.

This CD will help you to ‘think thin’ and depend on healthy, nutritious food. You will learn that you don’t need food for comfort or reassurance, either, and will also learn how to approach food as a thin person would.

How Does "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" Work?

Rosa Smith-Montanaro uses the power of suggestion to teach you to relax, accept yourself, and avoid the wrong foods. The CD will be valuable just from it’s ability to enable you to let go of everyday tensions, but as you enter a trance state, your mind will be much more susceptible to the positive suggestions included in "Weight Loss with Hypnosis".

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Slendertone Men’s System Abs Toning Belt Review | by Slendertone

Getting rid of excess belly fat can be difficult, especially if you are reaching middle age. While exercising and dieting can help, sometimes you need a little something more to really pare down abdominal fat.

This is exactly where the "Slenderton Men’s Abs Toning Belt" can make the difference between carrying around a ‘gut’ and being able to remove your shirt at the beach without embarrassment.

This belt can be used almost anywhere, and will be even more effective if you use it in conjunction with a program of regular exercises. If you are stuck working on the computer all day, and have little time for exercising, you can wear the belt while you’re working, and let it work while you are.

How Does The "Slendertone Men’s Toning Belt" Work?

In the video below you can watch an expert who is describing the way that the "Slendertone Men's Toning Belt"  works. This expert is simply putting this product to the test as he is adjusting it on his body and he is measuring and evaluating the results. He is also going through the functions and benefits of this belt as it is designed to give firm, toned and sexy abs.

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Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Series AB Straps Review | by Perfect

Many people assume that getting into shape, and developing some real muscles can only be done by buying expensive exercise machines or by paying hefty gym fees. Nothing could be further from the truth, as "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Straps" can help you get the abs you want, and build your strength for a reasonable cost.

You’ll be able to do leg lifts and crunches right in your own home, when you want. The "Perfect Pullup Straps" also seem to help those who might be experiencing back problems to exercise and build strength without harming the back further – none of your weight is borne by your back, the rest of your body is doing the work.

How Do "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" Work?

In the video below you can watch the way that the "Perfect Pullup AB Straps" work. In this video an instructor shows how these "AB Straps" help you in multiple ways to exercise all four sets of abdominals. The description also emphasizes the benefits of these "AB Straps" as they do not put any strain on your back or on your neck.

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Enter The Kettlebell! Review | Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen by Pavel Tsatsouline

When a man is looking to get into shape and for some strength training, it can be hard to decide which program to follow. Signing up at a gym can help, but now your time isn’t really your own anymore, and you will have hefty gym fees besides.

You can buy a piece of exercise equipment, but if you live in a small house or apartment you may not have room for it, and once again, cost enters the picture. What if you could get a strength training and aerobic exercise program rolled into one, and not spend a fortune, either?

This is just what can be possible with "Enter The Kettlebell!" This book will get you started on the road to a strong, powerful body, with instructions by the guy who used to train Soviet Special Forces.

How Does "Enter The Kettlebell" Work!?

Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells not only build strength, they use the force of momentum to develop your body core to the maximum. The greater range of motion and flexibility of the kettlebell builds muscle and stamina fast, and also increases balance and coordination.

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The Self-hypnosis Diet (Audio CD) Review | by Steven Gurgevich

While diets can fail for any number of reasons, one of the greatest is the inability to stick with the diet foods necessary for the diet to work. Sometimes, the lack of taste, hard to find ingredients, or expense will mean that the diet is abandoned before any real weight loss can occur.

Even if there is an initial loss, restrictions on food types may just prove impossible to tolerate over a long period of time. Fortunately, Steven Gurgevich has come up with a program that will help you use any diet plan you want successfully.

"The Self-hypnosis Diet" is a different approach to dieting that can assist you in losing weight and keeping it off.

How Does "The Self-hypnosis Diet" Work?

In the video below, you can watch the way that "The Self-hypnosis Diet" works. This CD helps anyone who is struggling to lose weight by controlling body and mind and removing emotional eating.

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Yogi Healthy Fasting Herbal Tea Supplement by Yogi Review

If you are someone who is including fasting in your weight loss regimen, you might find that going without food for a day or two is much easier when you drink "Yogi Fasting Herbal Tea". This blend of herbs has been designed to suppress your appetite so that you will be better able to go without your normal meals.

Understanding how a lack of food can cause problems with energy, Yogi had packed some essential ingredients into easy-to-use bags to not only keep you from feeling hungry, but also to get you an energy lift. Going without food for a short period can help your body detoxify and assist with the digestive functions, too.

How Does "Yogi Fasting Tea Supplement" Work

There are several factors to be considered when you are fasting – feeling hungry and feeling run down. Food, after all, is the fuel that our body uses for energy, a weight problem arises when we take in too much fuel, fuel that cannot be burned up, and so will have to be stored as fat.

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"I Decide and I Create The Body I Want" Review | Hypnotherapy CD

Weight gain is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When anyone is unhappy with themselves, they tend to try to find a way to relieve those feelings, and often the way chosen is by overeating. One of the most destructive phrases ever spawned has to be ‘comfort food’.

This simple phrase encourages us to run to the fridge or fast food restaurant whenever we feel a bit down or pressured. People who have a negative self-image and who may see themselves as hopeless in some way will often seek food to provide comfort and relief from anxiety.

Helping to overcome poor self-image is part of what "I Decide and I Create" is all about. It is a program that will help you to relax and come to terms with yourself, and so be able to stop eating too much.

How Does "I Decide and I Create The Body I Want" Work?

This program is a CD that will help you accept yourself and understand why you are eating too often and too much. "I Decide" can assist you in having the ability to choose the foods you eat on a rational, rather than emotional, basis. As most people listen to this CD just before going to bed, they find that it helps them relax and fall asleep more easily.

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Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery by Levine, Bontmpo-Saray and Urban-Skuros Review

One of the biggest questions facing anyone who has had some sort of gastric surgery for weight loss is, “What the heck can I eat?” After weight loss surgery, things have changed, and a different sort of diet plan needs to be followed. Most of the diets recommended for those who have undergone bariatric surgery are tasteless, unimaginative, and bland, and when Pat Levine was faced with this sort of food, she decided she had better do something about it.

The result of Pat’s efforts, Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery, is a collection of delicious and nutritious recipes that will keep the bariatric patient nourished, happy, and on line with weight goals. If you or anyone you know is having this surgery, this book will help to make their post-op life more enjoyable.

What Is Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery About?

When someone has had bariatric surgery, their nutritional needs change. Whatever the method chosen, the capacity of the stomach is reduced, so the ability to absorb nutrients is also curtailed. Your new diet must compensate for this if you are not to become malnourished, and the most important food group you will need is protein.

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The Lean Body Promise by Lee Labrada Review

Many diet and fitness plans require a long time to pass before some results are seen. It can be very discouraging to be following the program and not see any ‘positive input’ in the form of weight loss after using the plan for months. Fortunately, with The Lean Body Promise, you will be able to see results quickly, in as little as 12 weeks.

Lee knows that the key to getting in shape is not just skimping on meals, but rather an intelligent approach to exercise and diet. Both of these matters are covered in The Lean Body Promise, and if you are eager to get back into shape, no matter what your age, this might just be the book for you

What Is The Lean Body Promise About?

The Lean Body Promise outlines a diet plan that allows you to eat 5 or 6 small meals during the course of the day, rather than 2 or 3 large ones. Spreading out your meals keeps your body fueled and helps to keep you from feeling hungry and nibbling. An advantage to this book, too, is that the meals are made from food you can buy anywhere; there are no exotic or expensive ingredients to worry about.

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