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The Anti-Estrogenic Diet Book Review | by Ori Hofmekler

Most people who want and need to lose weight find it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find a plan that will work for them. They try diet after diet, lose some weight, get disgusted with the regain, drop the current diet, and get on another one.

"The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" may just be the answer to your weight problem, as author Ori Hofmekler explains that the reason you are unable to really get into shape is because there is just too much estrogen in your diet. Estrogen is primarily a female hormone, although men have a small amount, too.

However, the presence of this hormone in our food, water, and general environment means that weight loss can be almost impossible – the body is simply being thrown ‘out of whack’ by too much estrogen. The three part plan will help to cleanse toxins and excess estrogen out of your body, and teach you how to avoid foods and chemicals that contain estrogen. "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet" shows you which food combinations work best for keeping your body in optimum condition, and helping you to lose weight.

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The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program Book Review | by Dean Ornish, M.D.

Many times, those who are overweight will also be suffering from a range of health problems. Obesity is not only associated with an unattractive appearance, it can also be the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Few people enjoy having to take expensive medications for the rest of their life because of their weight-related illnesses.

"The Spectrum" can provide not only a way to lose weight, but also reverse existing health problems to one degree or another. Dr. Ornish has provided a clear and relatively easy way to combine diet, exercise, and meditation to improve your health, and help you enjoy life more completely.

What Is "The Spectrum" About?

When trying to lose weight, it is easy to get lost in the maze of various diet plans that offer a quick loss, but are not sustainable over a long period of time. Losing weight really isn’t just about cutting calories, if you have struggled with your weight for years, you will realize that you will have to make changes to your entire lifestyle if you want to achieve lasting effects.

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Everyday Paleo Book Review | by Sarah Fragoso

There are a number of reasons why diets fail to produce any results: expensive food, odd or nutritionally deficient food, not enough food, or attempting to provide separate meals for the dieter and for the rest of the family. Fortunately, "Everyday Paleo" Book is a way to eliminate all of these problems, and provide meals the whole family will enjoy.

Not only are the menus provided in "Everyday Paleo" Book tasty, they are also nutritious and filling. "Everyday Paleo" may be just the solution to your search for a sensible diet plan that everyone can eat, helping you to lose weight and helping everyone in the family to become healthier and more fit.

What Is "Everyday Paleo" Book About?

Sarah Fragoso had tried for years to get rid of excess weight, but it was not until she discovered paleo diets that she was able to do so. Not simply a book of recipes, Sarah provides you not only with a wide range of tempting meals, but also an exercise plan that will help you to tone and strengthen your body.

Based on the foods eaten by our distant ancestors, "Everyday Paleo" will help you to return to your dietary roots, eliminating artificial foods, such as grains and dairy, that have contributed so much to the epidemic of obesity.

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The Resistance Chair Exercise System Review | by VQ ActionCare

One of the worst afflictions of aging is that while you may need exercise in order to maintain your health, your physical condition can prevent you from working out. Some people are even unable to go for a daily walk, and this will contribute to their further deterioration.

It is one of those “Darned if you do, and darned if you don’t” situations. Fortunately, the "Resistance Chair Exercise System" can provide a way for nearly anyone who is aged or suffering from illness or injury to exercise. Exercising will help to increase circulation, strengthen muscles, and boost the immune system.

Someone suffering from osteoporosis may not be able to perform most exercises for fear of breaking their bones, but the "Resistance Chair" can help someone even in this condition to get some badly needed exercise.

What Is "The Resistance Chair System" All About?

In the video below you can watch an expert reviewing and describing what exactly the "Resistance Chair System" is all about. You can watch this expert explaining the way that this exercise equipment can benefit senios, eldrers and incapacitated people by practising a variety of safe and effective exercises.

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Life Without Bread Book Review | by Christian B. Allen and Wolfgang Lutz

Sometimes, the search for health will include not only weight loss, but a way to improve existing conditions. No one can deny that diet plays a big part not only in how much we weigh, but also in how we feel generally. Dr. Lutz has helped write "Life Without Bread Book" based on 40 years’ experience treating various medical conditions.

"Life Without Bread Book" believes that as humans have evolved away from the hunter-gatherer diet, their health has been negatively impacted by eating grains, and that many of the diseases that currently plagued mankind did not exist when people ate mostly fatty meats, fruits, roots, leafy vegetables, and only very few carbohydrates.

What Is "Life Without Bread" All About?

"Life Without Bread Book" makes the case that many of our health problems, including obesity, result from eating too many foods that are based on grain. Allen and Lutz consider that prehistoric man had little or no access to grains, but was a good deal healthier than people are today.

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Change One: The Breakthrough 12 Week Eating Plan Review | Book by Hastings, Jaret, and Hermann

Portion control can be one of the most effective ways of losing weight, and "Change One Book" can help you get started on the road to a slimmer you. Most people who become obese simply do not realize that they are eating as much at one meal as they are – increased amounts of food have crept up over the months or years until the plate will literally be piled.

Changing your outlook on how much is on your plate and becoming aware of how to make these alterations in your eating habits is what "Change One The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan"  is all about. It is not only designed to cause fairly quick weight loss, but also to help you reeducate your eating habits. Restaurants are notorious for serving mega-portions, so if you eat out a good deal you could be contributing to your overweight in this way.

What Is "Change One The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan" About?

"Change One Book" will help you to better manage your meal portions, resulting in a diet that delivers 1,300 to 1,600 calories per day. The range reflects height and activity levels.

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Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD Review | by Adam Ford

Losing weight in the abdominal area can be difficult; sometimes no matter how much you diet or exercise, those ungainly rolls simply will not disappear. Adam Ford now provides a way to get rid of those rolls and gain core strength with his "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD".

Using a balance ball to exercise is a great way to get into shape that will not only slim and tone you, but will also improve your coordination. The three twenty minute exercises lead you through a beginner’s set of exercises right through to a strength and core-building workout that will really produce the results you want.

What Is "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD"  All About?

In this short preview video of the "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" you can watch the way that this DVD works as a tool for ultimate strength and stability. This video shows the kind of programs that it contains and the effectiveness and benefits they bring to anyone that practiCes them.

This DVD is designed to help you get into shape as quickly and easily as possible. Adam has produced a program that involves not only your abdominal muscles but also your back muscles and core.

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Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit Review | by Gaiam

When you are ready to get into shape, there can be no better way to do this than by using the "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit". Many people mistakenly think that you need fancy equipment costing thousands of dollars, or need to join a gym or will have to pump iron to get the kind of body you want, but this simply is not true.

For a minimum of cost and some effort on your part, you can use the "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball" to tone and firm nearly every muscle on your body. Both men and women (and even kids) can use these balls for a great workout. The included DVD will help you get the most from your Balance Ball, too.

How Does The "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" Work?

The "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" comes with a balance ball, exercise DVD, and resistance band. As with any exercise ball, the "Gaiam Balance Ball" helps you to build core muscles while using it precisely because it provides an unstable surface on which to work out.

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MaXreduce – Guaranteed Weight Loss Review | by MaXreduce

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is simply impossible to lose weight. Diet after diet will be experimented with then left by the wayside, and diet pills will either do nothing or make you jittery.

The makers of "MaXreduce" understand completely what you have gone through, and have worked to create a diet pill that will help you finally get rid of those unwanted pounds.

Because the ingredients in "MaXreduce" are so powerful and effective, it is recommended that you do not use this product unless you are more than 20 pounds overweight. Most people who use MaXreduce see results within days – this is the strongest weight reduction pill that you can get without a prescription.

How Does "MaXreduce" Work?

Probably the most difficult part of any weight loss plan is hunger. It’s just too difficult sometimes to resist those pangs, and before you know it, the refrigerator has been raided and the diet is trashed. "MaXreduce" helps to suppress your appetite almost at once, making it much easier for you to reduce your caloric intake without feeling starved.

Another problem with most diet plans is that you begin to feel dragged out and have no energy, and this is something that "MaXreduce" addresses – you will still feel energized and ready to go when taking these diet pills.

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MagneTrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike Review | by 3D Innovations

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use a mini exercise cycle rather than a full size machine. One of the reasons might be lack of space in your home, but another reason would be physical limitations.

Those who have suffered injury, illness, or are recovering from surgery could certainly benefit from exercise, but are often unable to do so. When it is difficult to exercise normally, from age or disability, it usually results in further debility. Circulation becomes sluggish and muscles begin to atrophy where there is little or no exercise.

Fortunately, the "MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike" can provide good exercise for anyone who cannot exercise otherwise. This small bike is also a great way to exercise while sitting at your computer at work.

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