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Good Nutrition Aids Weight Loss

Nutritionists often suggest that, as part of a weight-loss program, dieters and other individuals who are trying to lose weight should cook and bake at home as much as possible. This allows them to monitor the ingredients that go into creating a meal. Restaurants and other eateries frequently use high levels of fats, sugar and sodium in their dishes -- ingredients which create good-tasting food but add pounds and reduce the nutritional value of a meal.

In my experience as a weight loss coach I work with a large range of people who enjoy their familiar home-cooked foods but are stymied by the difficulties involved in turning calorie-ridden dishes into healthy, nutritious and low-calories meals.

Switching to whole flours and other grains

I've developed several strategies that aid individuals in turning their favorite high-calorie recipes  into wholesome and nourishing feasts but one of the most important approaches that I present, and the one that has had the most significant effect to help people lose weight and maintain their weight loss, involves switching to whole flours and other grains.

In my coaching work I always introduce the idea of switching to whole grains early in our sessions. Moving to a whole grain-based diet takes getting used to but, ultimately, ensures a healthier and less caloric intake.

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