Lap Band Surgery Failure

There are several choices when it comes to weight loss surgery and the two most common procedures are gastric bypass and lap band surgery. Both of these are effective in helping the majority of patients that undergo these surgical procedures lose weight. Which of the two procedures a patient finally selects to help them with their weight issues depends on their weight loss goals, general health and their doctors recommendation. Even though most patients are good candidates for both surgeries, they usually look to their doctor for advice on which one is better for their health.

Lap band surgery is one of the more popular and successful of the two and involves the surgical placement of a small band around the upper portion of a patient’s stomach to limit the amount of food that can be consumed in a single meal. This allows the patient to control their portions and will help them lose the weight they need over time. The success rate for this type of dieting surgery is very high and there are very few incidents of lap band surgery failure reported.

The lap band surgery is normally done through a set of small incisions and can be done in about an hour for most patients. The recovery period can vary from patient to patient, but most people having the surgery can return to work in about a week.

Lap Band Slippage

Even though lap band surgery failure is rare, there are a few isolated conditions that can develop in a small number of patients who have the surgery. The first concern is if the lap band moves in its position on the stomach. This type of lap band surgery failure usually occurs for one of two reasons. Either the patient has eaten too large a meal at once or the sutures that hold the lap band in place have become dislodged. In either case this type of lap band surgery failure needs to be addressed quickly to correct the issue. This is normally accomplished by repositioning a new lap band in the correct location on the patient’s stomach and securing it to the stomach surface with a series of sutures that create a fold. This ensures that the lap band will be held securely in place and won’t slip out of position over time.

Irritation of The Stomach

Another lap band surgery failure that is rare but can occur in some patients is a general irritation of the stomach wall by the lap band. This can cause problems for the patient and needs to be addressed immediately to avoid other serious problems. If the irritation is severe enough it may warrant the removal of the lap band completely and force the patient to consider an alternative technique to help with their weight loss. This problem usually occurs when the sutures used to hold the band in place work loose, or somehow irritate the surface of the stomach. This condition can also be caused by patients that eat too large a meal, which puts extra pressure on the lap band site. This is especially true of patients that do this too soon after having the lap band placed, since it hasn’t had adequate time to heal. This condition can be corrected in most patients who then go on to a successful program of weight loss.

Lap band failure

Hi, I had a lapband surgery last 2008. Year 2009, my doctor adjusted my lapband and it was too tight that evry night I had a reflux for almost 2 months. I took me 2 months to find another new doctor because I moved to different city and my previous doctor is not under my new medical group. I tried to go back to my old doctor to fix or reduce the saline, but the staff said I can't go back coz the insurance will not pay for it since I change my medical group and I have to pay $500 with my own money. I was heart broken that time since I'm only a stay-home mom and my husband salary is just enough for our monthly expenses. (were family of 4). Finally i found a doctor under my new medical group, he removed 3cc. Finally, I was feeling okey. Not until late last year (Nov.) that I was feeling, i'm eating more now. Went to my new doctor again and he thinks something is wrong and we did the adjustment in the hospital (Radiology) and he saw my lower part esophagus went big after drinking that white liquid. He dicided to remove all the saline. Now, I gained back all my weight. The doctor did not explain to me when I should go back to have it adjust again. He suggested that I have gastric bypass instead and he said the insurance will not pay for it because I'm not that over 100lbs overweight, unless I pay it myself. In short, he don't want me to go back to him anymore beacuse he was not the one who did my surgery. Right now I am so frustrated,and depressed. I don't know what to do? How long will my esophagus go back to normal? Please need some advice.

Lap Band Failure

I've had the band for almost two years. Three months after having the band they had to replace the port due to a leak. I lost 35 lbs. but started having issues with the band. Every single time they did anything to the band I would get sick. So sick I had to miss work and I am one to very rarely ever call in sick. They took all the fluid out of my band for a couple of month and I gained all my weight back. Next Friday I am having my band removed. I am tired of getting sick, all the doctor's appointments, and missing work.

A woman at work just had her band put in and she's doing GREAT!! Lucky for her, she likes protein and isn't having a problem. I had a hard time with the foods I was supposed to eat and got under intense pressure at work and at graduate school and started eating ice cream which did me in.

Maybe the old fashioned way is the way for me to lose it. I've done it before, just need to do it again. Can't wait to get this band out of me!!

Good luck to all of you. I'm actually trying to start a company that will HELP banded patients succeed. I'm taking what was hardest for me and making it easier for the rest of you.

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Reply to Lap Band Failure

Hi Tiffanydione,
the "old fashioned way" is usually the best. It teaches you good diet and exercise habits that you can maintain for life. You have done it before and you can surely do it again! Get this band out of you and go for it!

I wish you all the best with your company. Your valuable experience can help other band patients for sure!

lap band disaster!!!

Can you please give me more information on the sutures coming loose! It happened to me and im really in the dark about what Really went wrong. I got the lap band put in on may 11th of this year 2010, i had continuous trouble from the start, eating was out of the question, and so was drinking, all i did was sleep and was in constant pain. I was addmitted to the hospiatal a few days later and they were sure there was too much fluid in my band, so they took some out, i still did not feel well but they sent me home anyhow, i was back in may 16th (my 26th birthday) because obviously i was dehydrated and in outrageous pain! They did not think there was anything wrong with me basically they thought i was being a big baby, but decited to keep me in the hospital over night, if i wasnt better in the morning they would do a swallow test in the morning, im not going to explain the pain i felt, it makes me choke up even now it was so bad. I have a very high pain tollerance. They found in the test a hole in my stomach caused by a stuture coming loose and my stomach contents were leaking into my body, and it was all infected. I was praying to God the whole time they would just take it out. Well they did that same day, it would have ended my life! Im so in the dark, i need more information, the dr. wants nothing to do with me and can give me no more answers, can you help!
thank you so much
love melissa

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lap band went wrong

Hi Melissa,

I empathize with your surgery issue. I can imagine the pain and agony you went through. And the fact that your doctor is not so co-operative does not help at all.

One place where you can find a lot of support and get answers  from people who have faced similar situations with their lap band is LapBandForum.

Check also ThinnerTimesForum. Just pop in the forum and tell your story. There are many people that can help you.

Hope and pray you completely recover from this soon.



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