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Treatment options are multiplying for people who are severely overweight. Of course, there are always new miracle diets popping up, but for many people diet and exercise programs simply aren’t working to help them lose weight, regain the ability to move and function normally, and alleviate the health complications that obesity can cause. For people in this group, weight-loss surgery has gained a lot of acceptance as a potentially life-saving healthcare option.

Hundreds of thousands of people have undergone weight-loss surgery since the first types of these procedures were introduced in the 1950s. Once it was rare, but it’s no longer an outlandish or outrageous idea for people to consider. In fact, it has become such a common medical procedure that the most difficult problem may not be whether to have weight-loss surgery but what kind of weight-loss surgery is best for your individual circumstances. Lap Band, Realize Band, or Gastric Bypass—which is the right choice for each person?

People considering bariatric surgery owe it to themselves to make their decision based on as much information as they can get and to educate themselves about as fully as possible about the options available. Fortunately, there are some excellent free educational opportunities to guide healthcare consumers to the right choices.

Weight Loss Surgery Free Educational Seminars in New Jersey

In New Jersey, for instance, a program called My Program for Life offers regular, free, evening seminars on the topic of weight loss surgery, as well as a highly informative website that provides a lot of valuable introductory information on topics like surgical options, life after surgery, and a step-by-step guide to educating yourself and navigating your way through the medical and insurance processes.

My Program For Life

My Program for Life is a medical and healthcare practice specializing in treating obesity not just through surgical interventions, but through a lifelong education and management program. They offer a full support team comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, nurses, and certified coaches who “work together to provide a post-operative, personalized program of care that maximizes patient success.”

The first step in that program is educational. Their free, 2-hour New Patient Weight Loss Surgery Seminars are offered once per month in New Brunswick, Teaneck, and Mount Olive (Budd Lake), NJ. These sessions include clinicians, surgeons, and patients, not just salespeople, and provide potential patients with the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the details of the weight-loss surgery process without making any commitment. The seminars address the risks as well as the benefits of bariatric surgery and also important elements like insurance coverage. People who want to learn more can make appointments for follow-up consultations.

Obesity is a prison for many people…and can even be a premature death sentence, due to the associated long-term effects of diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and even higher rates of some cancers. For those who despite years of dieting and struggle still find it difficult to walk, climb stairs, find clothes that fit, get and keep a job, and generally enjoy an active and productive life, it is certainly worth seeking all the information available about what new and effective treatments are available. The right medical treatment can open up new worlds.

If you live in the New Jersey area, My Program for Life is one way to learn about some of these possibilities.

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