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Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners DVD Review

Mind over matter is an ancient way of saying work smarter, not harder.  Yoga is a great mind over matter practice.  Many different forms of Yoga combine slow and commanding physical postures to revitalize the mind and body while realigning inner energies.  Because of these properties, Yoga is amazing for physical health, and even weight loss.

Rodney Yee is originally a ballet student turned to Yoga Master.  He has toured the world for over ten years teaching workshops and classes.  Rodney has been on many shows, including Oprah. He is a well trained and talented Yoga instructor.

How Does the Rodney Yee's Yoga For Beginners DVD Work?

In the video below, you can watch  Rodney Yee himself in a short demonstration segment of his Yoga workout DVD  where he is performing some of his Yoga positions, movements and poses.

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SlimZil Review - Acai, Hoodia and Green Tea Fat Burner Weight Loss Formula

Every day people around the world struggle with weight loss. Each individual is unique and has their own problems and pit falls to overcome. For some, exercise works beautifully. Others need a little help. That little help usually shows itself in the form of a diet pill.

Diet pills have gained huge popularity. They all take a different approach to helping burn calories. And some are just fraudulent. So how do I know which one to take? One of the slim pills I researched lately is SlimZil.

How Does SlimZil Work?

SlimZil is a time-released capsule designed to increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat. How does it help you burn calories? The idea behind SlimZil is to combine the anorectic properties of Hoodia with the thermogenic effect of Green Tea. This two-fold mechanism can help you lose weight by making you eat less food and burn more calories. Well, let’s take a look at the ingredients it contains:

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Wii Just Dance Review

Dancing is an awesome cardio exercise.  Professional dancers always look amazing.  The art and grace of dancing is wonderful.  It’s a skill I have always wanted to learn but have been to afraid to try in public. 

That is until UbiSoft released Just Dance.  It may not be professional dancing taught by a real life instructor, but it gets me up and moving while enjoying some nice rhythms.

How Does Just Dance Work?

Just Dance is a flat out video game in the same style as Dance Dance revolution or Guitar Hero.  The premise is simple; as music plays the player must match certain rhythmic motions with certain points on the screen.  Motions are captured with the Wii remote.

But there is dancing involved. Lots of dancing. The idea of the game is to dance my way through each song to obtain the highest score.  And this dancing makes for the perfect weight loss game play.  And dancing provides an excellent cardio workout.  It’s a win-win deal that combines lots of fun and lots of exercise. 

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Suunto t3d Review - Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Training Watch

Perhaps a taste for fitness has been acquired.  Like a fine wine and a nice aged cheese, a special little place in the heart has been developed for running that mile.  Sit ups have replaced cigarettes.  Push ups have replaced TV.  And everything is feeling warm and cozy.

Yes, that taste has been acquired.  It’s time to take that lust for calorie burning to the next level though.  New tools are needed.  Gizmos and Gadgets can help fine tune that run.  A better understanding of your health can be had.  With that being said, I wanted to look at a specific gizmo.  The Suunto t3d Heart Rate Monitor.

How Does Suunto t3d Watch Work?

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Suunto combined the power of a heart rate monitor and fitness tracker into the small, covert package of a watch.  With a semi fashionable design, this watch can track the distance I’ve gone and how hard my heart was pumping. 

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The 4 Day Diet Review By Ian Smith

Walk into any health and fitness section of any book store and it is easy to spot the plethora of diet books.  Diet books have become the black gold of the author’s world.  They are easy to write and easy to publish.  Best of all, there will always be a market for them. 

People need help losing weight, some for the long term and some for that upcoming Sunday party.  But how do I choose the right diet?  Which book is best for me?  Perhaps it is The 4 Day Diet by author Ian Smith.

How Does The 4 Day Diet Work?

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I can’t give away too many details, otherwise what would be the point of buying the book?  The 4 Day Diet is pretty simple though in practice.  The diet is split into multiple 4 day modules.  Each 4 day module is designed for a specific purpose and to prevent plateauing so weight keeps dropping. 

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Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea Review

The eastern art of diet and weight loss through tea is something completely foreign to the citizens of the setting sun.  Study after study has been used to try and find out what the big secret is. 

Personally I enjoy a cup of hot tea very much.  My wife on the other hand, loves hers ice cold.  However you take yours, I’m sure you can agree that you probably enjoy tea to.  I decided to go the tasty route and take a look at Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea.

How Does Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea Work?

As far as any weight loss product goes, tea might be the easiest to use.  Like any other bag tea you heat your water, let the bag sit in the heated water, wait with anticipation, and then enjoy.  Truly, the hardest part is the wait.  Just like your morning cup of coffee, it will take some time to brew.

The actual weight loss part of the tea is a little more complicated.  This isn’t a heavy fat burner that will help you drop pounds a week.  Instead, tea is a longer term treatment, or change of lifestyle.  I had to research exactly what happened.  Oolong will help steadily increase your metabolism over an extended period of time. 

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10 Minute Solution: Hip Hop Dance Mix Review

The 10 Minute Solution series of DVDs make possible fitting in exercise into any tight schedule.  The 10 MInute Solution has grown a reputation for quick 10 minute workouts that really let the home user start burning calories and melting fat. 

Each title in the series provides a nice change of pace, with each title based on different styles of exercise.  Another iteration in the series is Hip Hop Dance Mix.

How Does Hip Hop Dance Mix Work?

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10 Minute Solution Hip Hop Dance Mix is a fun mix of exercising and dancing.  This title is designed around a dancing cardio routine that focuses on hip hop and street dancing.  The routines are fun and energetic with a bit of a sexy exotic feel. Hip Hop Dance Mix follows the same formula that’s used in other 10 Minute Solution titles. 

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Click Espresso Protein Drink Powder Review

Protein drinks really are not the most pleasant part of working out.  Body builders use them as a supplement to help gain muscle mass.  Health nuts make it a priority to eat protein rich foods.  But what about the rest of us?

What about the person trying to lose a few pounds, or just stay a bit healthier, or looking for a way to curb appetite?  Click has given us all an answer with it’s Espresso Protein Drink.

How Does Click Espresso Work

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What is the secret behind Click Espresso Protein powder?  Like any other protein powder, it’s filled with protein.  In fact each serving contain 15 grams worth.  So the product has plenty of protein.  But the powder is also infused with 25 essential vitamins and minerals, caffeine, and a lot of yumminess

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Colon Cleanse Complete #7 Review

I get urges for pizza.  I get urges for pasta and chocolate, all though rarely together.  I get urges for all those foods that just tend to sit heavy in your stomach.  Unfortunately those heavy foods can just sit, blocking up traffic in the digestive system.  A blocked digestive system leads to a sluggish and bloated feeling, mixed with a bit of constipation. 

It’s not very fun.  And worst of all, it helps me gain weight.  Colon Cleanse Complete #7 acts as that traffic director to help get colon traffic moving again.

How Does Colon Cleanse #7 Work?

 When the colon becomes blocked, wast can’t pass through the body as easily.  Crud and left over stuff builds on the walls of the colon.  The stuck gunk blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  It also blocks any of the fuels that my body needs. 

That gunk backs up the rest of the system which slows down the digestive track.  If the digestive track is slowed down that means it can’t process the foods I eat.  That means I get fatter. Colon cleanse #7 provides a gentle formula, that over use, will break up and remove that gunk. 

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New U Fitness First Yoga and Pilates Review

Eastern philosophy varies vastly from the west. Eastern philosophy is about control and patience, while western is very gung ho.

Yoga and Pilates are very much the same. Both exercises are eastern in tradition, but became popular in western civilization. Both exercises command respect with slow and concentrated movements that can push your body past what a normal cardio exercise is able to do.

This philosophy of exercising has been tried before on the Wii, but never with success. New U Fitness Yoga and Pilates intends on changing that.

How Does New U Fitness Yoga And Pilates Work?

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New U is a game designed for the Wii entertainment console. Exercise games have become popular on the Wii, and for good reason. A video game can take an exercise routine and make it interactive, breaking past the normal barriers of guided home exercise routines. New U follows in that path.

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