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I admire passion, in almost any healthy and non-harmful shape and form, and I love to see passionate people in action. This is why I love Jillian Michaels, her passion for fitness and the way she can inspire and motivate people to transform and become the best of what they can be. I started watching “Losing It with Jillian” shortly after I had my baby and many times the inspirational stories on the series brought a tear to my eye and motivation to exercise.

I have been looking for a new exercise DVD I can use from the comfort of my living room so I was pleasantly surprised to find Jillian’s new kickboxing release. And oh, if you knew me just a little bit you would know I love the idea of a fast fix, especially when it comes to fitness. Needless to say then, the combination of an inspirational trainer like Jillian with the promise of quick results definitely sold the DVD to me!

For whom has Jillian’s Kickbox FastFix been produced?

A compilation of three-20 minute workouts focusing on the upper body, the lower body and the abdomen zone, the DVD promises a total body workout that will leave you lean and slim! The producer reassures the novices in kickboxing that with the tutorial included on the DVD by Jillian, you will get to train like a pro in no time!

The DVD is bound to attract fitness enthusiasts who already have a level of fitness and who are familiar with Jillian’s fast-paced training sessions and passionate workouts. It would probably become a welcomed diversion in daily training routines for fitness professionals and enthusiasts looking to get maximum results from a training session.

For a work-from-home, train-when-you-can mummy like me, it would probably provide an intense workout I could do at my own pace, shielded from the embarrassment of collapsing on the floor in front of a fit audience!

What do others say about Kickbox FastFix?

As I expected, the reviewers are mostly fitness fanatics who have been exercised for years following Jillian’s DVDs or similar. The reviews are very technical, specific and detailed and either profusely praise the energetic workouts, like starkitty526, who found her HRM indicating 309 calories burned total after both levels or abhor the DVD, like maddylynn, who found the kickboxing moves too fast-paced and couldn't focus on her workout and burning calories.

Among other high praises, reviewers appreciated the DVD for its high impact workouts, the quick results in defining your body even post-partum and the fun, energetic music.

Some experienced reviewers recognised the DVD as more of a maintenance than a weight loss tool, due to the shortness of the training sessions: you need to work out longer than 20 minutes in order to lose weight, the expert opinion was.

The majority of the reviewers agreed that the DVD offered an entertaining variation to their fitness routine.

Will Kickbox FastFix help me lose weight?

With an average of 150 calories per 20 minute workout, the DVD will most certainly assist you in trimming down. The product seems to be popular with busy mothers who testify to losing the baby fat pretty quickly; 10 lbs in 2 months, according to one of the reviewing new mums and getting unprecedented muscle definition.

There aren’t many mentions of weight loss amongst the reviewers simply because the DVD has been analysed mainly by people who were already very fit and not looking for a solution to lose weight as such but a good workout that would leave you in a sweat. But based on the overwhelming number of people reflecting on how intense the workouts are, even as a 20-minute session, I would definitely say that if you’re looking to lose weight and have the stamina to train with Jillian’s DVD, you will ultimately lose weight.

Pros and Cons


  • h3> This DVD is structured in three 20-minute sessions which will train your body effectively in a very short space of time. Especially designed with busy women in mind.
  • The DVD was definitely designed for fitness pros who can appreciate a good workout. Women who are already familiar with Jillian Michaels DVDs or who have been into an intense fitness routine for a good while and are looking for a change of pace or tonus will definitely enjoy the benefits of this DVD.
  • The workouts focus on the whole body so if used as a whole, it can provide great whole body stimulation and results.


  • The workouts are very intense and there are plenty of reviewers complaining about the fast-pace that left them discouraged. B. Sanders, one of the disappointed customers, vents about the difficulty to follow through the instructions if you are notalready well versed in kick boxing and the fact that the tutorial didn't do much to help.
  • More serious concerns were raised by Cherry, who injured herself pretty badly during the first workout due to the lack of good stretch warm up exercises included in the kickboxing routines.
  • Many people complained about the one-sided exercise sequences that left them wondering if they were exercising their bodies in a balanced manner.

Any Risk?

The only mention was the risk of injuries resulting from doing the workouts without preparing your body adequately.

Is Kickbox FastFix better than other workout DVDs?

It definitely helps one break into a sweat and it puts the thrill back into a well established exercise routine. Many reviewers and Jillian Michaels’ fanatics welcomed the latest addition of Jillian’s kickboxing workout DVD as a fresh routine but some compared it to similar products only to give thumbs up to the latter: Lauren M. and R. Folger mention Cathe Friedrich’s similar kickboxing DVD as a better workout.

How does Kickbox FastFix rate overall?

The DVD receives a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. It is fun, entertaining but most importantly highly rated as a complete workout that will help you tone fast! Just don’t expect anything less than a good, sweaty kick about!

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews on Kickbox FastFix?

You can purchase the DVD on Amazon currently at a 35% discount. If you need more help in order to decide to purchase, read more reviews here.

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