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As a former professional rugby, albeit only for a year, I know how important balance and core stability can be when it comes to playing sport at a high level; it’s often one of the assets that separates elite sportsmen and women.

I still play rugby regularly, although I’m strictly an enthusiastic amateur nowadays, and as such I perform some form of core stability work during each and every gym workout. Whether I’m on a stability ball doing squats, or performing weighted lunges on a wobble cushion, I always try to throw in some core work to every workout routine.

Balance and core stability are essential in every aspect of rugby, whether you’re breaking tackles and trying to stay on your feet, whether you’re scrummaging or you’re trying to sidestep an opponent.

I’m always on the lookout for exciting new ways of improving my balance and core stability, which is why I’m so excited to have come across J/fit Balance Pods. They offer a versatile means of adding some much needed, and extremely beneficial, core and balance work into my exercise routine.

How do J/fit Balance Pods work?

A pack of J/fit Balance Pods comes in a pair, offering you two 6 inch, in diameter, domes, which can be used to add extra instability and difficulty into your workout routine.

The domes are pebbled on one side and flat on the other, which enables users to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise that they are undertaking, making using them the perfect addition to your workout routine, whether you’re a beginner, you’re using the pods as a tool for rehabilitation, or you are a more advanced athlete, trying to give yourself an edge on the sports field.

The J/fit Balance Pods have multiple applications and can essentially be used to increase the difficulty of any exercise. Whether you’re performing push ups, with your hands or feet on the J/fit Balance Pods to increase instability, squats, lunges, or handstand push ups, the inherent instability of the J/fit Balance Pods forces you to engage your core and the supporting muscles which surround the major muscle group that you are working.

As your body is forced to work harder during every repetition, using the J/fit Balance Pods, you will build greater strength, balance and muscular endurance than you would by simply performing an exercise in a traditional manner.

Do the J/fit Balance Pods really deliver?

The short answer is an overwhelming yes. If you’re serious about improving your balance and core stability, whether it’s for a specific sport or not, these Balance Pods are extremely effective tools.

One reviewer, ordered three sets of J/fit Balance Pods in order to help her son with his physical therapy, on the advice of his doctor. She extols the virtues of the J/fit Balance Pods, asserting that they have been extremely effective in helping to develop her son’s motor skills, while overall proving to be “one of the most useful and versatile tools I’ve ever used.”  

Sean Duggins is a High School baseball coach, who purchased a set of J/fit Balance Pods in order to develop the balance and coordination of his pitchers. Duggins has his pitchers stand on the J/fit Balance Pods when they are undertaking receiving drills; the instability makes the squatting process much harder and helps to improve their balance. Overall, Duggins says that “they work great!

Another reviewer, K. Biddle, waxes lyrical about the convenience of using the J/fit Balance Pods. She takes them to work and uses them at her office, as a means of improving her balance and core stability. The Pods are a great way of getting a workout, while going about your everyday business. Indeed, K. Biddle, is especially keen to comment that the J/fit Balance Pods are “nifty and mobile.

Will the J/fit Balance Pods really help improve my balance, core stability, and strength?

J/fit Balance Pods certainly hit the mark if your fitness goals involve improving your balance, core stability and strength.

One reviewer, Mary Bringetto, for example, asserts that when you are using them, “you can really feel it in your core.” Mary is now a frequent user of the the Pods as it helps vary her workouts, while giving her the results that she is looking for.

Zachary Ross is a true J/fit Balance Pods convert. He says that he is always finding new ways to utilise the pods as part of his workout regime, asserting that they are “a wonderful training tool for strength, balance, core and a lot more.

Pros and cons


  • Improve your strength, balance and core stability. J/fit Balance Pods are a great way of intensifying your workout; they force your body to work harder than it ordinarily would, engaging the core, as well as the supporting muscles which surround the body’s major muscle groups.
  • Time under tension. Sports scientist, Nicholas Burd’s research indicates that it is the time a muscle is placed under tension, not the weight that it lifts, that counts when building muscular strength. As J/fit Balance Pods force each repetition to be slower, they may contribute towards greater strength gains, as part of a dedicated strength regime.
  • Great value. While other similar products exist, J/fit Balance Pods represent excellent value for money, in comparison to similar products on the market.
  • Portable. They are small enough to make them portable, enabling users to take them to work, or any other location they choose.


  • Too squishy for heavier users. Some of the heavier reviewers of the J/fit Balance Pods do report that they are a little too squishy to present any discernible challenge if resting all your body weight on one pod.
  • Too small. The pods are only 6 inches in diameter, which presents a problem for those people who have large feet and wish to stand on the pods.

Problems and complaints

The reviews for the J/fit Balance Pods are overwhelmingly positive. The only genuine complaints seem to be regarding the size of the individual pods and their capacity to bear excessive weight.

These potential issues seem only to affect those people who are at the larger end of the size spectrum. If you have large feet, or weigh in excess of 200lbs, therefore, it is perhaps sensible to read the reviews of the J/fit Balance Pods more closely, to see if anyone of your specific build has reported any genuine problems.

A note about versatility

Versatility is perhaps the biggest draw card of the J/fit Balance Pods. They are suitable for users of almost any height, weight and age, as well as people across the spectrum, in terms of fitness levels.

There have been reviewers who have reported excellent results from their children utilising the J/fit Balance Pods as part of their exercise routine, as well as older reviewers using them as a means of taking stress off the joints, while performing weight bearing exercises. The J/fit Balance Pods have proved a great tool for people undergoing rehabilitation therapy too.

At the other end of the fitness spectrum, High School athletes are using J/fit Balance Pods as part of their training in order to improve their balance, core stability and, consequently, on-field performance.

J/fit Balance Pods truly are a versatile tool, with a wide range of uses.

How do they rate overall?

J/fit Balance Pods received an overwhelmingly positive response from reviewers. They attained a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, on Amazon.

Where can I buy them and where can I read more reviews?

 J/fit Balance Pods can be purchased online through Amazon. If, however, you would like to read some more reviews before purchasing a pair of J/fit Balance Pods, you can find them here.

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