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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer Review

Everyone knows that cardio is the key to weight loss. With this being said there are many different machines on the market today that can help us accomplish cardio fitness without having to leave the house.

The elliptical has long been the favourite cardio machine because it simulates the form of running outside without the harmful impact running can create on your knees.

The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer is one of the best elliptical trainers on the market today and it is my job to give you the details you need before making your fitness machine purchases.

How Does the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer Work?

Below is a very enlightening video that clearly shows in every detail the way that the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer works. In this video you will get detailed review of the benefits and advantages that this smooth and quiet trainer offers to you. You will also watch users practicing on this elliptical trainer so you immediately get a perfect view of how the features of this trainer function.

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SWAT Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning Review

If you have ever looked at the fitness DVD selection today you will see that it can be overwhelming. There is workout DVDs that look as though they can’t get anything accomplished and then there are those that look like they will leave you breathless and these are the ones you want to focus in on.

SWAT Workout: Extreme Weight Loss and Fat Burning is one of the hottest workout DVDs on the market today and no matter what your current fitness level is, you can definitely get into it and reap the benefits SWAT team members have been reaping for years.

How Does it Work?

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Tom Stroup is the instructor for this video and has over 23years of fitness experience in the training field as well as weight loss. Tom has taken the intensity and structure of SWAT training and turned it into a fun and fat burning workout everyone can enjoy. What is known as circuit training is utilized in this fitness DVD.

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Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Review

When it comes to the matter of your health and fitness it can be hard to know which products can help you and which ones are going to see in your basement or garage and collect dust. You want to locate products that address problems you’re experiencing and present a solution for you.

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table does exactly this. With this piece of equipment you can relieve consistent back pain through inversion therapy. This is a major stepping stone for someone looking to lose weight and regain their fitness.

How Does the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table Work?

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This inversion table is meant to relieve pressure along your spinal cord, your vertebrae and all aspects of your back in general. With this being said, the table counteracts with gravity by decompressing and elongating your spine. This helps you release the tension that may be in your back and therefore your entire body begins to release and relax.

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Jillian Michaels Ultimate 12.5 Adjustable Speed Dumbbells Review

When it comes time to get back into shape, there are tools you are going to need to make this happen. Reaching weight loss goals without the proper tools cannot only be frustrating but it can also limit your chances of success. Jillian Michaels is a world famous trainer with her own workout DVDs as well as her own line of equipment.

The Ultimate 12.5 Adjustable Speed Dumbbells can help you reach your weight loss goals. They are easy to use and perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

How Do the Jillian Michaels Ultimate 12.5 Adjustable Speed Dumbbells Work?  

These adjustable dumbbells come with a tray for storage, an exercise chart and can be adjusted from 2.5lbs all the way up to the maximum of 12.5lbs. Compared to a traditional set of dumbbells, this form of weight training is extremely space saving and convenient.

It is incredibly easy to add and remove weights from each dumbbell. History has shown that when a fitness product is too hard to use, it doesn’t get used. I can’t forget to mention that these dumbbells also have incredibly soft grips so your hands are as comfortable as possible during each workout.

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Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Review

With literally thousands of fitness DVDs on the market today, it can seem impossible to tell the ones that are going to help you from the ones that are a waste of money. The Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength fitness DVD is one of the good ones.

This DVD is designed to whip you into shape, no matter what your current fitness level is or how much weight you have to lose. Let me go through the pros and cons of this product so you can decide for yourself if it is for you or not.

How Does the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Work?

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This is a 90-minute workout meant to work every muscle in your body, even muscles you didn’t know you had! This full body workout utilizes 35 power surging moves that are integrated into a high dynamic pace. This is a winning combination that will allow you to reach your weight loss goals and turn your unwanted fat cells into lean muscle mass.

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GU Energy Gel Review

When it comes to losing weight, the journey not only involves a great deal of determination but also requires a lot of energy to get through the intense workouts before you. If you have never heard of GU, it is a very prominent company that has an incredibly large line of energy supplements as well as weight loss supplement products.

You may be thinking that GU products are only meant for intense athletes but everyone requires an energy boost at one time or another during their workout and pushing to your limits is how you see results.

How Does GU Energy Gel Work?

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GU Energy Gel is made to help you get through your toughest workouts. It is literally a gel substance that you are meant to squirt into your mouth at the peak of your workout. This gel is packed with the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to continue working out even when your current energy levels are depleted.

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The Eden Diet: You Can Eat Treats, Enjoy Your Food, and Lose Weight Review

Many people turn towards fitness equipment and DVDs to help them along their weight loss trail, have you considered what a book can do for you? There are some many well written weight loss oriented books on the shelves today that can get you not only acting differently but thinking differently as well.

The Eden Diet is explained fully in this book along with recipes and more to help you get started on the right track and understand what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. Let me guide you through what this book can do for you. You can then decide for yourself if it is right for you.

What is It About?

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TRX Suspension Trainer Professional Review

If you have recently decided it is time to lose weight, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of weight loss products and equipment on the market today. A great diet combined with a great workout routine is a good place to start and the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional may be what you’re looking for.

You don’t have to go to a gym to utilize this fitness equipment and you can be at home or on the go which makes it a great start for a weight loss journey to begin.

How Does the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional Work?

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This workout regime is built around two nylon strap that use your body weight as well as gravity to create the suspension you need to get a full body workout. The nylon straps need to be attached to an elevated surface such as a door frame or even a tree branch and that is all the setup it takes.

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Weight Loss-Brain Wave Subliminal CD Review

The weight loss industry is one that is ever expanding. If you are trying to lose weight you may have already discovered the majority of different tools available to you. There is a fairly new form of weight loss enhancement that you may be interested in learning more about.

The Weight Loss-Brain Wave Subliminal CD may be able to help you lose weight on a level of yourself you never thought of utilizing before. Let me help you learn more about this product and decide if it is the right way to go for you.

How Does the Weight Loss- Brain Wave Subliminal CD Work?

Listen: Part 1 of 2

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Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook Review

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different but for the most part, the tools you will need to succeed are generally the same. Watching what you eat is definitely the first step and one of the most daunting as well. It can be hard to change your eating habits and the best way to begin is with the guidance of a nutritional plan.

Even a cookbook will help you create great tasting meals that are low in calories to help you begin to lose weight. The Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook can help you get started and enjoy the taste of healthy eating.

What is Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook About?


The Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook is a great compilation of quick and easy recipes such as fajitas as well as different and spicy recipes to mix up your eating habits. By not getting bored with your diet you can continue to eat healthy and enjoy it.

With over 500 healthy recipes to choose from you will never be short on cooking ideas for yourself as well as your family. There are core recipes as well as recipes that include the point value system to help you stay on your weight watchers diet easily and with little calculation. An added bonus it eh holiday recipe section which can help you eat healthy even during the toughest times of the year.

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