Is Weight Watchers for Men Worth it? Review

By Jackie Stinson

When I can’t sleep I watch infomercials. It’s a habit and I usually get a good laugh at what the product is doing or promising. It’s always something revolutionary that’s going to change your life as you know it. I especially love the ones about dieting. I think I’m most drawn to these because I’ve lost over 60 pounds with Weight Watchers and I know that I couldn’t have found my success with a pill or a juice drink. (People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.) I’ve watched a number of these infomercials and I noticed something similar – they were all geared toward women; each one was talking about sexy hourglass figures or fitting into “that little black dress” or pair of jeans. Now, I know that these diets don’t work, but it occurred to me that men were being left out of the equation. Do these fad diet companies not understand that men want to be healthy and fit too? Well probably not. Of course, Weight Watchers has solved that.

Weight Watchers for Men Review

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating. If I hadn’t been able to fit an eating plan into my life, I wouldn’t stick to it. Customizability is the name of the game. It is also the reason that men will have success using Weight Watchers.

Men Want to Lose Weight, Too

Men want to lose weight. They want to have good health and a fit body. This is not a dainty diet of salads with no dressing. It is not the end of fun times with friends at your favorite bars and restaurants. It’s a way to manage what you eat and drink, add some activities that will increase your fitness and build muscles, and to look and feel better. There are a few things to know:

Weight Watchers Just Got Better for Men

Weight Watchers knows what men need to lose weight and keep it off. You get science-based weight loss plans built upon 40 years of experience. And now Weight Watchers online—a system you follow completely online—and Weight Watchers eTools—the Internet weight loss companion for meetings—are specially customized for men.

It’s Easy

You’ll fit it into your life without missing a beat. Do you love beer and steak? Good, continue having those things. Nothing is forbidden. When you join, you’ll get a PointsPlus daily target based on your height and weight. Each food and drink has a PointsPlus value. Your only job is to stay within your daily range. That’s it. The online tools make it incredibly simple. Track the foods you eat, that slice of pizza you ate or this  chicken parmesan, and the PointsPlus values are added to your tracker. When you’ve reached your PointsPlus budget, you’re done for the day.

What Can I Eat?

Anything. You want that burger? Go ahead and  have it. With Weight Watchers you will eat real food. The kind of food you thought was off-limits. You will learn to make smarter choices with the foods you love, so you can enjoy a beer and still lose weight.

It’s Handy for Planning, too

If you’re heading out to happy hour at the end of the day, just choose foods during the day that leave some room for your evening. You have complete control. Nothing is off limits and you’ll naturally make the best decisions so that you can enjoy everything you love. With Weight Watchers Online for Men there are even cheat sheets. Want to know which beer to choose? There’s a cheat sheet with PointsPlus values. Enjoy a pint within your Points.

It’s Fast and Convenient

You can login anywhere – whether you’re at home or the office on your computer, or anywhere else using your mobile app, you have everything you need. Enter information into the tracker – what you’re eating, what activities or workouts you’ve done, and your weight. It’s amazing to always be able to access your tracker and literally see your daily success. You’ll be inspired and it might ignite your competitive streak with your friends. They’ll definitely notice and want to know how you are achieving your results.

It’s Customized to You

Are you a foodie who loves to try new things – whether cooking at home or trying the newest local restaurant? Are you the grillmaster at home? Do you prefer to eat fast food most days? It doesn’t matter, the tools and resources work the same way no matter what you love to eat. That’s truly the beauty of the plan. You are in charge. You make the best choices for you. Stick to your points and you’ll succeed. Maybe you don’t love to work out or maybe you just haven’t found something that you like to do. There are a ton of work out options and demo videos for you to check out. Gone are the days of hundreds of crunches (that don’t work!). They have been replaced with workouts designed by fitness experts who know how to achieve the best results.

One of the perks of adding fitness activities to your day is that you get a few extra points to use. Depending on the type of activity and the duration you do it, you can add points to your week to use when you want to use them. If you’re planning a fun Friday night and want to be able to indulge a little more than usual, add some workouts to your week and live it up on Friday! When you view your tracker, the activity points are right on the top so you’ll be able to see how your hard work is paying off.

Change the way you think about food, health, and fitness. There is nothing stopping you from losing like a man!

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