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Sildenafil Citrate Study on Mice - Weight Loss Protocol in Human Possible

A research study from the University of Bonn leads to a breakthrough discovery that Viagra is more than just a blue pill and treatment for impotence. The heart of the research outcome opened the possibility that it can be a potential weight loss protocol in humans after it was seen as capable of converting the undesirable white fat cells from the body of mice into beige ones. The outcome of the study was published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Sildenafil - weight loss potential mechanism

lab mouseBefore sildenafil was discovered for its effectiveness in combating the erectile dysfunction symptoms, it was initially studied for its potential health benefit as a treatment for angina pectoris. This initial study led scientists to discover it as more effective in improving the blood circulation in the penile area, making it more efficient in causing an effective erection among men with impotence than treating angina.

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Weight Loss Drug Mediator Involved In a New Wide Scale Public Health Scandal in France

A new wide scale public health scandal in France once again stirred the country involving the previously sensationalized pharmaceutical scandal of the Laboratoires Servier. The company manufactured the amphetamine derivative Mediator which is a weight loss drug prescribed for diabetics who are overweight and is also used as an appetite suppressant drug, like Cialis. The scandal involves the reported numerous deaths owing to the intake of Mediator mostly by diabetics and weight loss buffs.

Fresh public health scandal

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Weight Loss Solution in Surgery - Going Under the Knife

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey obtained in 2009-2010 indicated that 17% of the young population has been obese. There is a rising prevalence of obesity across states and medical costs are on the rise that may reach up to $147 billion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Healthcare costs for obese individuals are estimated to be almost $1,429 higher than those with a normal weight. The US Department of Health and Human Services also indicated that about 35.7% of the US adult population were obese in 2010.

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Weight Lost and Diet Can Effectively Ease Your Tortures

It is no wonder for everybody as obesity is quite a widespread problem in the United States, even in Africa there were some cases closely connected with obesity. At Stanford University School of Medicine scientists tried to find out if weight lost program can really recover female menopause, get rid of skin problems and avoid hair loss.

A quick review of the weight loss research

All women proved the scientists’ points that menstrual disturbance happened as result of their high body mass. As soon as a woman gains some pounds hormonal changes occur in her body. The scientist examined 126 women between 18 and 50 years old. They assisted them to lose their weight and get a healthy weight. Special diets for each woman were developed and they were under permanent attendance of dietitians.

The research was going on for 12 months. 82 per cent of women could shed pounds and got their healthy weight. Some of them noticed that they started having regular menstruation. The majority of women reported that the state of their hair and skin became much better than ever and they didn’t expect such prolific outcomes.

Outcomes of the investigation from the Dr.Thomas Price’ words

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