Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD Review

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I love the feeling you get after a long, hard workout. The endorphins have been released and you feel invincible. As I always workout at lunchtime, it’s a great feeling to go into the afternoon knowing that you’ve put some real hard work into improving your body.

If you’re anything like me, however, sometimes work or family commitments get in the way of your workout. No matter how well your weekly fitness regime is planned, every now and again something unexpected pops up and it leaves you short on time to train.

It’s on these occasions that you can do one of two things: Miss a session or modify it. If at all possible, I try to go for the latter. After all, getting in shape doesn’t always mean spending hours in the gym; it’s about how effectively you use your time. You can get great results in 20 minutes, if you know what you’re doing and you use your time effectively.

When I only have 20 minutes to exercise, I tend to opt for some form of circuit training. Circuits are an excellent means of mixing things up, they give you a great cardio workout and they help to develop good muscle tone.

If you love circuit training, and you love the Insanity series of workouts as much as I do, you’ll love the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD. It takes the world-famous Insanity workout and packs it into 20 minutes; if you’re short on time, therefore, there are few workouts better than the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout.

How does the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout work?

If you’re already familiar with Shaun T’s Insanity workout, then you’ll have some idea of what to expect from the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD. If not, however, you’re in for a real treat and probably a more difficult workout than you’ve ever undertaken in your life.

While many of the moves in this program will be familiar to those who have already done Shaun T’s Insanity workouts before, there one difference this time...

The furious pace.

The Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD is designed for those who are short on time and want to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time possible. It employs interval training techniques that will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning, giving you great results, fast.

The program contains all the standard moves from the Insanity series, as well as a few more new ones. It is by no means for everyone. It’s only intended for those who are already in some decent shape, but are looking to really kick start their weight loss regime, by burning huge amounts of calories, toning up and getting a great cardio workout.

Does the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD really deliver?

In a word, yes.

It is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, in the shortest amount of time possible. The DVD provides viewers with a great full body workout, which helps build strength and muscular endurance, as well as improving your cardio fitness. It is, however, not for the faint hearted.  

Mary Stuart, a reviewer who is an avid exerciser and owns a vast array of different workout DVDs, from Zumba to P90X, piled on weight in the five years after she left college, but in recent times has really been trying to get back into shape. Mary was in search of a DVD which would give her a great cardio workout, while also developing her muscle tone, ultimately helping her to lose weight. She asserts that she was certainly not disappointed by the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD, reporting that “the cardio is intense from start to finish.

Matthew Heffler is another reviewer who absolutely loves the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD. He’s a big fan of the original hour long Insanity workout, but still enjoyed this shorter, 20 minute version. Matthew comments that the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD is great if you’re short on time, but are still looking for a great cardio and full body workout. While Matthew waxes lyrical about the DVD, he also asserts that it’s a great place to start if you’ve been thinking about taking on the challenge of the hour long Insanity sessions, but are a little intimidated, reporting that “this could be a great starting point.

Will the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD help me to lose weight?

The feedback from reviewers, regarding the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD’s ability to promote weight loss, is excellent.

One reviewer, Cody Fojtik, reports that he has followed the program achieving excellent results, with regards to weight loss. The first time that he followed the program, Cody Fojtik purports that he lost 10lbs in one month, while eating whatever he wanted.   

Jessica Lynn is a mother, who also works full time, so, understandably, she’s always short on time when it comes to getting in a workout. She reports that even completing five minutes of the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD was tough at first. She built up her stamina slowly and has seen great results, through persevering. In combination with a high protein, and low carbohydrate diet, while following the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD, Jessica reports that she lost 15 pounds in just two months.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient. The Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD’s biggest selling point is the efficiency of the workout. If you’re short on time, but still want drastic weight loss results, this exercise plan is absolutely perfect.
  • Breaks you into Insanity slowly. Shaun T’s hour long Insanity workouts are revered for the excellent results that they induce. If, however, you’re not in good enough shape to undertake them straightaway, the workout acts as a great entry route into the world of the Insanity workout. After a few months, you’ll be ready to take the step up.  
  • Convenience. The very nature of the workout is all about convenience. You can take the DVD anywhere with you and workout anytime, at your own convenience, no matter where you find yourself.


  • Not for the faint hearted. It certainly isn’t for everyone. If you’re new to exercise, or out of shape, you may get frustrated at being unable to complete the whole routine at first.
  • A lot of commercials. One of the often cited downsides is the huge number of commercials that come as part of the DVD; it can be a bit frustrating at times.

Problems and complaints

Although the reviews are, overall, positive, there are a number of reviewers who do complain that that the DVD is poorly produced.

One reviewer, Blair, who is a huge fan of the Insanity workout series and of Shaun T, still complains that “I’m sure he shot this in his bedroom.” The production quality on the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD is, admittedly, a little low. The results, however, are very real.

Whether you choose to buy this DVD, or not, essentially boils down to your own personal preference. If you want a high budget, beautifully shot workout DVD, this program is not for you. If you are looking for a short, sharp workout, that gives you real results, the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD is certainly a worthwhile investment.

How does the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD measure up to Shaun T’s original Insanity workout?

There’s no question that if you are looking for real results, the original Insanity workout is still the way to go. This does not mean, however, that the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD does not have its place in your workout routine.

The results that you can glean from following the program are still great. If you’re looking for a short, sharp, efficient way to lose weight, fast, the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD is still an excellent investment. If, however, you have more free time and money, go with the original Insanity workouts, which also offer more variety.

How does it rate overall?

It receives very favourable feedback from users, attaining 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

You can purchase the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD directly from Amazon. If, however, you feel like you need a little more information, you can read the reviews of the Insanity Fast & Furious 20 Minute Workout DVD here.

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