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Weight gain is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When anyone is unhappy with themselves, they tend to try to find a way to relieve those feelings, and often the way chosen is by overeating. One of the most destructive phrases ever spawned has to be ‘comfort food’.

This simple phrase encourages us to run to the fridge or fast food restaurant whenever we feel a bit down or pressured. People who have a negative self-image and who may see themselves as hopeless in some way will often seek food to provide comfort and relief from anxiety.

Helping to overcome poor self-image is part of what "I Decide and I Create" is all about. It is a program that will help you to relax and come to terms with yourself, and so be able to stop eating too much.

How Does "I Decide and I Create The Body I Want" Work?

This program is a CD that will help you accept yourself and understand why you are eating too often and too much. "I Decide" can assist you in having the ability to choose the foods you eat on a rational, rather than emotional, basis. As most people listen to this CD just before going to bed, they find that it helps them relax and fall asleep more easily.

A disrupted sleep cycle, especially one that involves insomnia, can cause hormonal imbalances, and these in turn can trigger unhealthy eating habits. "I Decide and I Create" can often help to reinstate normal sleeping patterns.

What Are Others Saying – Does "I Decide and I Create" The Body I Want Really Deliver?

A licensed psychotherapist, Lisa Angelini, finds that this CD can help her patients accept themselves and understand that the body images that the media promotes are unrealistic. She says, “I was astounded! The CD promotes accepting yourself just as you are!Cravings for sweets diminished after listening to the CD only a few times, and she finds she has “a more restful sleep!” when she listens to this just before bed.

Several health issues, such as hypothyroidism, had caused B. Richardson to gain some unwanted pounds. Although holiday eating is always a problem, she found that, “I noticed during the holidays that I wasn't eating more than I needed and I made healthy choices.” Not only did B. Richardson not gain any weight during the holiday season, but she has also dropped some weight since. Listening to I Decide and I Create has really worked for this woman.

Once you stop craving fattening food, it only makes sense that you will begin to lose weight, and this is exactly what L. Lee has found to be the case. I Decide and I Create The Body I want has helped this person not only lose some weight, but also enabled her to want to eat unhealthy foods.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

While no one can predict exactly how much weight anyone will actually lose from listening to this CD, there is no denying that some of the people who have bought it have lost significant amounts of weight.

There were some smaller weight losses of 6 to 10 pounds, there were some much larger weight losses, and Dan G. has been able to lose 25 pounds in just three months.

Pros and Cons



  • I Decide and I Create helps to make the listener more comfortable with themselves, and less likely to binge eat.
  • The CD causes relaxation and often assists with a better night’s sleep.
  • Most people enjoy the music that accompanies the program.
  • Some significant weight losses have occurred from using the CD.


  • One person was unable to achieve a hypnotic level.
  • Some people did not like the music at the end of the CD.

Problems and Complaints

The biggest complaint about "I Decide and I Create The Body I Want" generally concerned the music that played at the finish of the CD. Several people described it as being ‘jarring’ and it actually brought them out of the hypnotic or sleep state they were in. Besides the music at the end, the narrator’s accent and grammatical errors were noticed, and were found to be somewhat distracting.

Is "I Decide and I Create The Body I Want" Better Than I Can Make You Thin?

Although both of these programs approach weight loss through hypnosis, I felt that "I Decide and I Create" had something of an edge over I Can Make You Thin. Although the latter book and CD did receive quite a few positive reviews, there were some very negative reviews as well.

Usually, these views complain that "I Can Make You Thin" just rehashed what everyone knows: eat less, exercise, and drink water. Because "I Decide and I Create" actually broke some new ground, it might be the plan you would want to try first.

How Does "I Decide and I Create" Rate Overall?

Basically, this CD received good reviews on Amazon and received 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. Most of the people who listened to this CD were pleased with it, found it to induce relaxation, and led to significant weight loss in some of the people. Quite a few of the listeners found that it helped them get to sleep more easily and feel more rested.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "I Decide and I Create The Body I Want"?

In Amazon.com, you will get quick access to all the information you will need about this CD. This product is currently in stock and you can buy it at a great price at Amazon.  In case you want to read more views about this product, you can get these reviews here and you can read what consumers like yourself think of this product and how it helped them

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