Hypnoanalysis and Suggestion Therapy for Weight Loss at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center

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Sue Peckham, Clinical Hypnotherapist, explains how hypnoanalysis and suggestion therapy can help you lose weight.

On the first appointment with her you have a consultation and discuss what the main problem is. There are two ways a Sue Peckham can help you: one is with hypnoanalysis along with The Easy Loss Programme, and the other way is with Suggestion Therapy.

Depending on what a person’s particular symptoms are, the client and Ms. Peckham can decide what the best type of therapy is for that individual. Once she starts with the hypnosis side of it, it is very straight forward and there is no input from the client.

With the Easy Loss Programme she goes through at a conscious level and takes it a step at a time each week. She will help you deal with all of the issues around weight loss. If you find certain parts of the programme difficult, she can adjust the programme accordingly in each session. Basically it is a way of eating with a set of guidelines that she gives you so that you don’t have to diet anymore, and it gets you away from that mentality.

Who is Hypnosis Gastric Band For?

Ms. Peckham: “We have been working towards Virtual Gastric Band Surgery for some time now and we have recently really started to practice this in a big way. Basically it is for people with a BMI of 30 plus, that are really finding it difficult to shift the weight and really want to do something radical and for one reason or another can’t have physical surgery or wouldn’t want to have the physical gastric band surgery. Gastric band operation is a really effective therapy based on hypnosis.”

Initial Consultations for Gastric Band Surgery with Hypnosis Now Available on Skype

Ms. Peckham: “We have just started actually and it’s proven very successful. We have a lot of clients who want to come and see us. Either they live a long distance away in the U.K. or they live abroad and they don’t have a lot of time once they come into the U.K., so they don’t want to use up appointments for the initial consultation, the conscious part of the programme.”

“I actually do those initial appointments over Skype. We arrange a time and I can be available all hours of the day and night so the time difference in the different countries really isn’t a problem. I do the initial consultation over Skype and if we decide we want to go ahead then we can just carry on with the conscious part, particularly with the Easy Loss Programme over Skype and then the client only needs to come into the practice for the actual hypnosis sessions themselves and also for the back up support at the end of the therapy to carry on with the Easy Loss Programme. People can do that over Skype as well, if they wish.”

Do You Still Enjoy Chocolate?

Ms. Peckham says that she still enjoys chocolate on the odd occasion and that she actually wants to eat it. She just doesn’t want to eat it very often, and she thinks that is the best thing about the Easy Loss Programme.

Once you have taken the barriers away that there is no food that is forbidden, there is no food you can’t have, it’s just that there are some foods that are healthier for you than others, then you naturally start to be drawn to the healthier options.

She eats chocolate anytime she wants because she doesn’t want it very often, and that’s the difference. When something is forbidden, it really makes it very appealing to you. You are almost driven towards it to spite yourself. As soon as someone says its okay, you can have it anytime you like, as long as you follow the guidelines that we give you, all of the sudden its okay not to have it. There’s no overwhelming desire to have it and you don’t feel bad about yourself.

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