How Well Does Appesat Work? A Testimonial

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Every year billions of dollars are spent by millions of consumers in the quest to lose weight.

Appesat is a new product on the market. It is a seaweed fibre which is taken in a capsule form, when water is drunk, the seaweed swells and expands in the stomach leaving less room for food, and thus suppressing the appetite.

So, does Appesat work?

Appesat Testimonial

As reported by the BBC in the UK, one of the first to take part in a trial of Appesat was Emma Andrews from Sussex. She’s now a size 16, but keeps a size 22 as a reminder of the size she used to be before using Appesat.

Emma reports that she’s no longer looking for the food she used to eat, chocolate, bread and other foods that helped her become the size she was. She has found that with Appesat she no longer desires the foods she once ate.

From the beginning she found that she was eating less immediately. She’d serve herself a normal sized meal, but would feel stuffed very quickly due to the action of the Appesat. Soon after she found herself creating smaller meal portions as she knew less would satisfy her. So, if you ask Emma Andrews the question of “Does Appesat Work?” her answer would be a very clear “Yes!”

A Safe Weight Loss Solution?

With governments in the UK, USA, Australia and other nations where obesity is becoming more and more of an issue launching campaigns against childhood and adult obesity, there is more demand than ever for a permanent and safe weight loss solution.

More and more people are turning to measures like gastric banding to solve the problem. Recently in Australia there was a push to allow obese patients access to free lap-band surgery (funded by the taxpayer), and now doctors and hospitals are pushing for morbidly obese teenagers to get access to the surgery.

Obviously, if a drug like Appesat works as effectively as it’s claimed to do, there will be no need to subject so many people to potentially dangerous surgery. Appesat has been assessed as both safe and effective under the Medical Devices Directive in the UK. As it trains your body to require less food over a period of time, it is a far less costly option than surgery. However, once you stop taking Appesat, it could be possible to go back to eating more food (as there isn’t the effect of something swelling up in your stomach and making less room for food).

This means that once a person has lost weight with Appesat, they will need to continue to be careful about what they eat.

The Answer Seems To Be "Yes"

So, does Appesat work? The answer seems to be that it does. Of course, no weight loss product will work effectively if it’s not used properly. Some people have found with Appesat that although they feel physically full, they still crave the foods that make them put on weight (cookies, cake, bread etc.) so there is still some self discipline required. To learn more about Appesat visit


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