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If you are a fan of late night infomercials then you have probably seen the Gazelle Edge in action. This smooth moving, ultra quiet exercise machine offers a great way to lose weight without the trouble of dealing with big, bulky, noisy, or difficult to use equipment. By simply stepping onto the foot platforms and grabbing the handles you are ready to go to work!

The unit has a weight capacity of 250 lbs and provides a full range of motion workout. Sound like a piece of equipment that would take up a lot of space? Think again! It folds up relatively easily leaving you with more floor space than you would have with many other machines.

The Gazelle Edge also can provide a great low impact aerobic workout. It comes with a computer that will let you know exactly where you are in your workout. It gives speed, time, distance, and just how many calories that you have burned. This is wonderful in letting you know if you are achieving your workout goals.

No Heavy Duty Equipment

Many of the people who have purchased the Gazelle Edge report back that they love the fact that this is one easy to use machine. They also love the fact that it is relatively light. This makes putting it away quite simple. It won’t take up a great deal of space and you still get an excellent workout. Just a heads up though. The ads make it look as the Edge will slide under furniture. Unfortunately it doesn’t fold up quite small enough to do so.

Not For Everybody - Complaints

This is not a machine for just anyone. However, it is great for people that are just getting started in a workout program. It doesn’t have all the complicated gadgets that you get with some of the bigger exercise machines. One of the biggest complaints with the Gazelle Edge was that the computer on it wasn’t accurate and really didn’t help at all.

Just Get Started

Having the Gazelle Edge helps some people to get better motivated to start an exercise program. As you improve in stamina and strength then you may want to move to a more costly machine. Many people who are already in great shape report that this machine provided little to no challenge. They hardly even broke a sweat. For its cost though it does provide you with a great starting point.

Some Quality Issues And Problems

One of the things that you may find troubling is the number of people who have said that their Gazelle Edge doesn’t seem to hold up. There is a reason why it is on the value priced end of the scale. The plastic pieces could (and often do) chip or break off. Also, the computer is notoriously inaccurate.

Is It Low Impact On Legs And Knees?

Yes, it does provide a decent low impact workout and is easy on the legs and knees. But on the other hand, it is not meant for people who are already in great shape, because it provides little resistance. You will have to take all these into consideration when deciding if this is the right elliptical trainer for your needs.

How To Use The Gazelle Edge - Pros And Cons

Watch Wendy as she explains the pros and cons and how to use the Gazelle Edge.

Where Can I Get The Best Price?

As with other products that I review, I like to keep an eye on the prices and I generally find that Amazon consistently has one of the best prices.

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