How To Tighten Up Saggy Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Nobody wants drooping globs of excess sagging skin hanging off their body. But unfortunately, this is one of the negative side effects often seen after the positive accomplishment of losing a large amount of weight.

Not only is it uncomfortable when you have to squeeze that extra loose skin into your new thin clothes, but it's a constant reminder of how big you once were. And frankly, it's embarrassing. You want to show off your new thin body--not hide it!

Yet there is hope! So here are a few things you can do to help tighten up your saggy skin rolls, no matter whether the weight loss occurred due to diet and exercise, or a medical procedure like stomach stapling or gastric banding.

The Basics

Some skin tightening can occur naturally, especially if you help aid the process with these basics:

  • Continue exercising, or go for regular walks.
  • Get plenty of rest...listen to your body.
  • Drink lots of water--at least 10 glasses a day.
  • Consume proper nutrients, from food 1st and supplements 2nd.
  • Keep stress to a minimum--make a conscious effort.

These are those common sense remedies that are so easy to forget, or slack off on--especially with the hectic schedule many of us lead. But they are so important because they all affect the skin, the largest organ of the body. So do make extra effort to make sure you are giving your resilient yet delicate skin the basics to help facilitate the body's own natural healing.

Topical Aids

There are numerous lotions and creams and ointments for the skin on the market. And there are many different skin types in the world, as every body is different.

There are many factors you must consider when choosing a lotion. These factors affect not only how a skin reacts to topical preparations, but also determine what your skin needs from you, as well. So as you search for your favorite body butter, do consider the following:

Your environment 

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Pollution

Your skin's natural state (as it is at the time you apply your lotion)

  • Elasticity (bounce-back-icity)
  • Tone (firm, soft, or medium)
  • pH level (acidic, alkaline, or neutral)

Skin Compatibility
You want your lotion to alleviate any skin issues you may have, or at least make sure it doesn't aggravate such issues.

  • Ongoing medical conditions (e.g., psoriasis, warts, dermititis, etc.)
  • Temporary medical conditions (e.g., acne, rosacea, rash, or hives, etc.)
  • Scars, and whether they're fresh or old, open or healed

Of course, most of us don't walk around measuring our pH or gauging the humidity in the air every day, so these are just general factors to consider. Don't let the amount of factors to consider overwhelm you. Just keep them in mind as you look at the overall big picture of your skin's needs, while at the same time you obverve how your skin reacts to each treatment.

Give one single brand or type of lotion a try for a least 2-3 days* before you try another cream so you can more accurately gauge one lotion's effect over another. Pretty soon you'll find a lotion that's just right for you and the skin you're in.

*If you have a negative reaction to any topical application, then immediately stop applying it until you can read and follow the package's directions on how to treat the reaction.

For example, if a lotion tends to give you acne, then either switch lotions, or use the same one, and just wash your skin more often each day.

Or if you notice thicker creams leave an unpleasant slick on your skin when it's humid, then try a lighter lotion. Or if it goes on thick, but you notice five minutes later that your skin feels dry again, then try a lotion with more moisturizer and less water in it.

And if you live where it's humid and hot, you might not want a thick cream that holds the heat in, especially when your natural sweat, even if it's light, is keeping your skin moist.

And remember, lotions are best applied after washing your skin, because a lotion's main purpose is to lock in moisture. The benefits from the various added ingredients are often (not always) secondary.

Cosmetic Surgery

Sure, you've helped your skin bounce back on its own by providing it with the basics listed above, and by regularly lathering on your favorite lotions ...but you still have some sagging skin, or spots that are just a bit loose because yoru skin didn't bounce back completely.

At this point, surgery may be the only way you can get rid of that extra skin. So if there are still some unsightly, or even horrendously noticeable sagging eyesores on your body, then plastic surgery may be just what you're looking for.

Cosmetic procedures these days can often entail very little intrusion, be almost painless, and have very little recovery or down time. So search around to see which procedure, and which method of performing that procedure, would be best for you.

Here are the most common cosmetic surgery options:

If you have…

Then get this procedure

*Droopy chin and neck Chin & Neck Liposuction
*Saggy arm skin Arm Lift (brachioplasty)
*Excess breast skin Breast Lift (mastopexy)
*Loose abdominal skin Tummy Tuck
*Flabby inner thigh skin Inner thigh lift
*Loose buttock and thigh skin Outer thigh and buttock lift
*All or many of the above Body lift**

* Talk to your cosmetic surgeon to find out what procedures would be best for you, your body, and your skin.

** A body lift is a combination of outer thigh/buttock lift, inner thigh lift, and the tummy tuck lift.

Cosmetic body sculpting surgery is often a treatment of choice even for people who have experienced a slight to moderate weight loss, and not just for those who've experienced extreme weight loss (such as more than 100 pounds).

Whether you would like to trim a little or a lot of excess skin, body contouring can help your new, lighter body look gorgeous, healthy, and whole, while finally giving you that self-confidence and satisfied feeling that you were hoping to get when you decided to lose all that weight in the first place!

Some people use the services of plastic surgeons as a last resort, and some as a first resort. But many agree: plastic surgery helps contour the body to be the shape it was meant to be, just like putting on make-up should enhance your natural beauty.

Get your saggy skin be tightened up by the best cosmetic surgery in San Diego and see the difference.

There Are Many Ways to Get Rid of Excess Saggy Skin

Sagging, floppy, loose skin doesn't have to be there forever. Just treat yourself to the basics of healthy living to help the skin heal itself, lather on the right lotion in the right measure to further assist the skin's rejuvenation process, and consider the possibilities of medically licensed plastic surgery. And then be the you that you were meant to be!

This is a guest post by Sera Filson. Sera is a health enthusiast, writer & proud mother. When she's not traveling, exercising, or playing with her son, she supports the Sono Bello Blog by following Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

Great informative site. It's

Great informative site. It's good to know all the alternatives we have to help us get rid of the saggy skin. Thank you!

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