How To Make Matcha Green Tea Icecream

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Matcha, a herbal drink that used to be closely associated with traditional ceremonies in Japan, refers to a type of finely-milled green tea. Today, this green tea powder is the key ingredient in a wide range of drinks, such as Matcha cappuccino, and desserts such as Matcha ice- cream.

Francis, host of the show “Cooking with the dog”, explains how you can make easy-to-prepare Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream without heating any of the ingredients.


Ingredients for Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream

According to Francis' instructions, the following amounts will make a 400ml (1.69 u.s. cup) Ice-Cream

  • 200ml Milk (0.702 u.s. cup)
  • 60g Brown Sugar/Refined Sugar (2.12 oz)
  • 1 1/2 heaping tbsp Matcha - Green Tea Powder
  • 100ml Whipping Cream 36% fat (3.38 fl. oz)
  • 10g Brown Rice Flakes (0.353 oz)
  • 30g Premade Anko (1.06 oz)
  • 3 Shiratama Dango
  • Whipped Cream
  • Caramel Sauce

Francis: Place a bowl in ice water. Poor whipping cream into the bowl. Whip the cream with an electric mixer until it becomes thick.

Poor milk into a container and add brown sugar and the green tea powder. Let the green tea powder sit in the mixture before using the mixer, otherwise it will splash all over the place.

Turn on the mixer for 30 seconds. Add the mixture into the whipping cream. Gently stir the mixture while keeping the foam as it is. It doesn’t have to look even at this moment. Keep the freezer-bowl in the freezer for enough time before making ice-cream. Place the lead on and turn on the switch.

Poor the ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl. The mixture will gradually become smoother as it mixes in the ice-cream maker. It will take about 20 minutes until it is ready to serve. If you want to make the ice-cream firmer, place the freezer bowl in the freezer for an extra one hour after it has been processed in the ice-cream maker.

How To Serve The Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream

Turn off the switch of the ice-cream maker and remove the lead. Clean the paddle and remove.

Serve the brown rice flakes in a clean bowl and add the pre-made Shiratama Dango. Serve the premade red bean paste.

Scoop the green tea ice-cream with a spoon. Give the ice-cream the form you desire and make two balls. Serve the ice-cream and add more brown rice flakes. Put whipped cream on the ice-cream. Finally, garnish with the caramel sauce.

There is no heating process for this recipe, as it requires no egg yolk making it low in fat and easy to prepare.

It is worth using good-quality green tea powder for this recipe! Vita Life Matcha Green Tea Powder has great reviews on Amazon.


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Thanks for sharing this cool recipe!

Green tea ice cream? Now, that sounds interesting and cool and delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I'll make my own green tea ice cream when I get home and use my Hamilton Beach ice cream maker! Thanks again!

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Great and healthy way to enjoy ice cream!

I'm a health conscious person and this green tea ice cream sure looks marvelous, healthy and tasty to me! Thanks for sharing this! Now, I can add another recipe for ice cream which I can make on my own with the help of my ice cream maker!

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