How To Lose Weight On Vacation

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Vacation time has rolled around again. While we all look forward to the rest and relaxation, many of us dread hopping back on the bathroom scales when we return. Skipping the workout routine, and possibly eating and drinking more, can sometimes pack a weight gain wallop. No-one really wants to be the diet police on their vacation. How do you not gain weight on vacation? Better still, follow these tips on how to lose weight on vacation.

Keep up the physical activity. Even a walk on the beach or seeing the local sights on foot is a lot better than nothing. If you are staying in a resort, allow some time each day to hit the fitness center or swim a few laps of the pool. Hire a pushbike or rollerblades if appropriate for even more calorie burning. Encourage partners and children to have a hit of tennis with you, or anything that keeps you on the move. If you are on a road trip get up a little earlier and go for a brisk walk before the day’s traveling begins.

Bring your own snacks. Depending upon your vacation destination, it can be a great idea to pack some of your favorite healthy or diet snacks. This can help prevent you from hitting those tempting diet no-no’s sitting in the mini-bar.

Select small serves. If you are eating out often, look for the starters as a smaller alternative. Another alternative is to share a main, or ask for a child’s serve.

Choose a side salad instead of a bread roll or fries. All those bread rolls soon add up, especially if you don’t eat much in the way of bread at home. Some of us only have to look at the bread to start gaining weight.

Share dessert and sweets. You don’t have to totally deny yourself. Order desserts with 2 spoons and share. Alternatively, select the fresh fruit salads for a healthy and sweet finish to a meal.

Breakfasts. If you have had a big day or night before, hit the fruit bar for breakfast. Alternatively, select the lean protein, like the scrambled eggs or smoked salmon, as then you won’t need to eat as much for lunch.

Alcohol. Many of us enjoy a few extra drinks while on vacation. Ask for your mixed drinks to be served with diet sodas and colas to save huge amounts of calories. If you are a keen fan of the cocktail list try to order the margaritas and daiquiris, as opposed to the cocktails based on cream, as this will keep the fat grams down to a manageable level.

Everything in moderation. Remember, you are there to have a good time, not to be miserable. If you want a slice of cake or another drink, do so, enjoy it, and then don’t beat yourself up over it. Go for a walk or swim instead.

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